X. (Xuliang) Hou


Xuliang Hou is currently a PhD student in Microlab, TU Delft. He received his Bachelor (June, 2009) and  MSc (March, 2013) in Tongji University, China. His PhD research topic is about the effect of autogenous self-healing on the long term performance of concrete.


The application of supplementary cementitious materials can reduce the consumption of  ordinary portland cement and the reduced cement may affect the long term performance of concrete. This research is trying to study the effect of less cement on the long term performance of concrete, according to the microstructure development and the potential of binders for further autogenous healing.

Xuliang Hou

PhD candidate


Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment

Jacqueline van Unen-Bergenhenegouwen

X. (Xuliang) Hou