The home of DiTTLAB is the Transport & Planning department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of the TU Delft. DiTTLAB is also one of the spear head themes of the TU Delft Transport Institute.

Current Collaborators

NDW was the first sponsor of a large research project in DiTTLAB (NDW Traffic Factory) and is one of the founders of the DiTTLAB foundation. NDW supports DiTTLAB with nationwide data and has committed itself to support in-cash a large STW research project MiRRORS (3 PhDs + 2 Postdocs) which is still under review

Rijkswaterstaat as the Netherland National Road Authority partners with DiTTlab on a number of different projects related to using data to understand and manage traffic . The partnership also involves the application and further development of state of the art modelling suites that Rijkswaterstaat uses to determine operational road capacities. Furthermore, Rijkswaterstaat co-sponsors a couple of research positions in the lab and supports MSc-thesis research through the ITS Edulab.

The Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions is a collaboration between the municipality of Amsterdam, TU Delft, Wageningen University, MIT, and an increasing number of public and private partners. In DiTTLAB, one of the first AMS projects ran (the Urban Mobility Lab). AMS provides access to data and expertise and a wide network of partners.

Royal Haskoning DHV (RHDHV) is a leading traffic consultant in the Netherlands and partners with DiTTlab in various European and national research initiatives, such as MiRRORS in which they co-sponsor a PhD position. RHDHV also partner in small scale projects as well as actively supporting MSC-thesis research.

CGI-Nederland is one of the founders of the DiTTLAB Foundation and is/was active in the projects: Urban Mobility Lab, NDW Traffic Observatory and the Velsertunnel project. CGI supports DiTTLAB also in-kind in a large STW research project MiRRORS (3 PhDs + 2 Postdocs) which is still under review.

Aimsun is a world leader in traffic simulation and a major partner in this regard on research and commercialisation of developed knowledge. From 2017 onwards, OpenTrafficSim will be implemented in the Aimsun modelling suite, allowing user-friendly access and use. Aimsun is also partners with DiTTlab in European projects, such as in the SETA project.

Past Collaborators

The DiTCM foundation is one of the founders of the DiTTLAB Foundation. In collaboration with Connecting Mobility and TNO we are currently discussing a strategic partnership related to OpenTrafficSim and UrbanStrategy (more news will follow in the fall of 2016)

Studio Bereikbaar is partner in DiTTLAB, and sponsors (in-kind) a PhD position that focuses on developing hybrid (data driven vs model-based) decision support tools for transport planning. Studio Bereikbaar furthermore collaborates in the Accessibility Amsterdam South-East project.

INRIX (by means of Dutch distributor DoubleSense)is partner in DiTTLAB, and sponsors (in-kind) with  access to all their available data for the wider Amsterdam area. These data are used e.g. in the Accessibility Amsterdam South-East project.

NISSAN sponsored the OpenTrafficSim project in 2015-2016, we are currently negotiating a continuation of this project

CATTlab are participating in the A10West monitoring project, in which they are providing assistance with the integration and construction of webservices for Rijkswaterstaat