Accessible based on your credentials and for access, please contact us!


Within Dittlab, we also have raw dataset available that can be used to build apps or for research. Contact us for access!

Automatic Vehicle Location Data

Real-time and historical GTFS data for the public transport, including trains, trams, buses, etc.

API Services

Only available by request. Protected under fair usage policy. No additional maintenance/debugging support available!

Processing and Filtering Algorithms

API for processing raw traffic data by filtering using so-called adaptive smoothing method, computing travel time and other relevant statistics such as vehicle loss hours, travel time stats, missing data stats, etc. This python service can be easily extended to include more functionalities.

Weather Data

API for querying raw weather data including precipitation, humidity, etc. The data is available from 336 weather stations The data is originally from KNMI

Data from KNMI


PhD tools, MSc project tools, etc.