Marjan Hagenzieker

Marjan Hagenzieker is full professor and chair Traffic Safety at Delft University of Technology since 2014. Her research and education focus on the road safety effects of the transport system, with particular interest in road user behavior aspects. She graduated in experimental psychology at Leiden University, and received her Doctorate (PhD) on the effects of rewards on road user behavior, also from Leiden University. She is member of several Editorial Boards of academic journals, including Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, and Safety Science; was guest editor of special issues on different road safety topics in top field journals; is member of scientific committees and invited speaker at international conferences on a regular basis.

Her current research particularly focuses on how to ensure road safety in modern urban environments with many different kinds of road users and divergent interests. Specific research expertise includes road user interactions with road infrastructure, in-vehicle technology, and automated vehicles; distraction in traffic; and safety of vulnerable road users (e.g. elderly, cyclists). She has participated in many EU funded projects in the area of road safety. She set up a line of research in this specific area at TU Delft, which has so far resulted in a series of Master research projects, a collaborative research project with SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, and two recently awarded NWO projects ‘Spatial and Transport Impacts of Automated Driving’ (STAD, ongoing; started in 2016) and ‘Meaningful Human Control over Automated Driving Systems’ (started mid 2017), of which she was co-applicant. Currently, she also works part-time at the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics (TØI).

She is co-applicant of the project and leads the psychology and behavioural part of the research team aiming to address what constitutes as “Meaningful Human Control” from a human-oriented perspective.