Reliable and predictable travel times, waiting times and handling times are essential for road hauliers, shippers and terminals, but not guaranteed. In this project, logistics processes and traffic management are analyzed in an integrated manner on the basis of large amounts of traffic data and logistical data to detect inefficiencies and to understand the potential of a combination of logistical and traffic management measures. An integral logistics and traffic management model will also be developed to be able to deploy the measures as focused as possible. Together with the practical partners, three pilots will be carried out during the project to test the most promising measures in practice. 

In ToGRIP we collaborate with: TNO, SmartPort, Port of Rotterdam, Portbase, Deltalings, TLN, and Rijkswaterstaat and is led by dr. Maaike Snelder (TU Delft & TNO) in close collaboration with prof. Lori Tavasszi and prof Hans van Lint.

More information: ToGRIP