A. (Anastasia Natasa) Roukouni


Natasa Roukouni is a dipl. Surveying Engineer (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece - AUTh) with an MSc in Transport from Imperial College London and UCL and a PhD in Transport Economics from AUTh. She has worked on a wide spectrum of topics in both passenger and freight transport, in several EU, as well as national Greek and Dutch projects. She is currently a postdoc researcher at the Department of Transport & Planning, Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences, TU Delft.


For her PhD thesis, Natasa developed an evaluation framework for innovative financing mechanisms for transportation infrastructure, based on value capture finance, using multi-actor, multi-criteria modelling. In 2017 she joined TU Delft as a postdoc researcher to work at the Department of Multi Actor Systems, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, and after that she also worked at the Rotterdam School of Management of Erasmus University. During this period she co-developed two serious simulation games and a set of teaching cases which study the introduction of innovations in the field of transport and logistics, working closely with actors from the Port of Rotterdam. Currently she is working on topics related to sustainable urban shared mobility in the context of the project SuSMo, funded by the EIT Climate-KIC. Her research focuses on how cities can evaluate the impacts of shared mobility modes.

Anastasia (Natasa) Roukouni

Postdoc Researcher