R. (Reanne) Boersma


Reanne Boersma graduated Bachelor of Laws at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and wrote a thesis about the liability for road authorities in regards to self-driving vehicles. At Delft University of Technology she is working as a researcher in the STAD project.  Within this project she is working on work package 7 ‘Case studies and demonstrators’. This workpackage is led by the University in collaboration with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Therefor Reanne will be working at the Delft University of Technology and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. 


The Spatial and Transport Impacts of Automated Driving, or STAD, is a joint research project about the implications of the future of accessibility and spatial development of mobility with respect to autonomous driving technologies. The first objective of workpackage 7 is to use existing (business)cases where automated driving is part of an operation and derive lessons learnt from these cases. The second objective is to apply the lessons learnt to non-academic partners. The third objective is to develop business cases for specific use cases of automated driving within the urban area. 

Reanne Boersma LLB


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