Dr. S. (Samer) Hamdar


Dr. Hamdar holds a BE Degree from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon, 2003), a MS Degree from University of Maryland, College-Park (USA, 2005), and a PhD degree from Northwestern University (USA, 2009). He is a visiting researcher at the Delft University of Technology. He serves as the chair of the Transportation Research Board Connected and Automated Vehicle Subcommittee and is a member of the TRB Emergency Evacuation and Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Committees.


Dr. Hamdar has 15 years of experience working in driver behaviour modelling, evacuation management, intelligent transportation systems, traffic flow theory and safety, and human factors research. At TU Delft, Dr. Hamdar will be working on modelling microscopic interactions between active mode traffic agents. He will be extending his PT-based modelling framework to account for pedestrians’ and cyclists’ behaviour in a multi-modal urban transportation environment.

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Samer Hamdar

Associate Professor

Tuesdays and Thursdays,
8:30 am - 2:30 pm