Drs. C. (Kees) van Goeverden

Kees van Goeverden is full-time researcher the Department of Transport & Planning, working in the field of passenger transport. His primary expertise is travel behaviour on a strategic level (trip generation, destination and mode choice) where microdata of national or supranational travel surveys are the main data source. His focus is on bicycling and long-distance travelling. Other fields of experience are the design of public transport networks and assessing the value of travel timesaving.

Van Goeverden has an MA degree in Spatial Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His Master’s thesis dealt with the cost-benefit analysis of railway closures. At TU Delft he worked on topics such as leisure travel in the Netherlands; modal shift analyses between public transport and car; modal choice analysis in school travel by Dutch and Flemish pupils; volume and emissions of long-distance travelling; interventions in Dutch bicycle infrastructure; cost-benefit analysis of railway closures; and the effects of suspending subsidies for public transport operation on public transport supply and demand.

Kees van Goeverden



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