Dr. Ir. W.J. (Wouter) Schakel


With a background in Civil Engineering studied at the TU Delft, Wouter Schakel has moved in the transport and planning field following the MSc at the TU Delft. His PhD was about effects of in-car advice in freeway driving. Developing a new simulation environment has spurred an interest in programming and simulation. Currently Wouter is a full time O&O researcher working on several projects using and developing OpenTrafficSim. Lane change modelling is his primary research interest.


My main research interest lies in microscopic simulation of driver behaviour. During my PhD I developed the Lane change Model with Relaxation and Synchronization (LMRS), which is still used for much research, and which has been extended for various application. Current research involves extending the model with explicit lane change strategies, and improving validity of urban behaviour (traffic lights, conflicts).

Research themes:

TIL6010: Programming and Matlab. A course to empower students with tools to process, research, analyse and visualize data.

Supervision of BSc (Civil Engineering and Geosciences) and MSc (Transport & Planning) projects.

CIE5805: Intelligent Vehicles for Safe and Efficient Traffic: Design and Assessment. Providing a simulation assignment.

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Dr. Ir. Wouter Schakel


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