Dr. J.M. (Jaap) Vleugel


Education and non-TUD years
Jaap started with general economics (macro- and micro-economics) and business IT at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the Free University in Amsterdam. His MSc (Drs.) thesis dealt with road pricing. He was invited as junior researcher at the Economic and Social Institute (ESI)/Dpt. of Spatial Economics while working on his internship project for the OECD. He mastered project management in many externally financed spatial- and transport(-economic) projects.

The following few years he spent in non-academic ventures: A logistic software start-up (simulation software), a mature transport consultancy (freight transport) and finally environmental consultancy (nature finance, impact studies).

PhD thesis
Jaap started working on his PhD topic (Transport and Land-use scenarios), not related with his full-time jobs, just before he left Free University and continued as an external PhD candidate, which was a pleasant distraction. The thesis was defended in 2000.

The Delft experience
He started at (former) TU Delft's OTB Research Institute in 2001 and continued with externally funded projects in city logistics and railways. He left OTB and joined the Department of Transport and Planning as researcher in 2011 and gradually became involved in bachelor and master education. His extensive research and management experience enable him to learn students how to successfully manage the content and process of their projects.

Research & education activities

Jaap has experience in the following areas:

  • Logistics (inbound, outbound, warehousing, information, networks) and freight transport
  • Economics (macro-, micro-) and financial issues, marketing & communication
  • Externalities of transport: climate and environment
  • Land-use: (business) location choice
  • Individual and collective (public) transport
  • Railways (passenger, freight), trucking, air transport (passenger, cargo, MRO), barge
  • Multi-modal terminals and hubs
  • Transport innovations: Autonomous vehicles, hyperloop, drones
  • Transport-, environmental- and spatial policy
  • Transport and vehicle technology and maintenance
  • Tools: Systems engineering, (logistic) optimisation (lean, simulation), scenarios, excel models, mca, mcba etc.


Team player & one-man army, multi-lingual, multi-specialist.
In a world where many are clueless, it is good to know that there are still people around who have the brains, the range and integrity to serve their customers in the best way possible way. Work with me and never run out of options.Send an invite to explore mutual interests. Thank you. Stay healthy!

  • TIL5050-20 MSc TIL Design course (teams): Coordinator, weekly supervisor
  • TIL5060 MSc TIL Thesis project: Graduation coordinator, supervisor, advisor
  • ME54035 MSc TEL Thesis project: Graduation committee member (external)
  • These courses are a great opportunity for knowledge valorisation. A thorough understanding of decision-making in business and government is of great value in this matter
  • MSc TIL website: Content management
  • MSC TIL Brightspace: TIL programme, TIL5050, TIL5060 pages
  • CIE4040-09 Internship projects: Supervisor, content advisor
  • CTB3000-16 Bachelor Final Thesis (BEP): Supervisor (on request)
  • Bachelor or non-MSc TIL master thesis projects from TUD or other universities: External expert/advisor
TIL50502013>1020Q1 2020: 10




TIL5060 thesis projects about sustainability

Stefan van Lier, Optimizing solid waste management in theme parks, A case study at Efteling, Delft, 04-11-2020.

Max Buirma, Ship based carbon capture storage and utilisation, A roadmap towards implementation for large LNG powered offshore vessels, study for Heerema Contractors, Delft, 29-10-2020.

Jacob Thijssen, How can financiers improve the carbon efficienty of their shipping portfolios. Case study at NIBC Bank, Delft, 31-11-2019.

Thomas Mulder., How to increase local value added and make the supply chain of cashew nuts more sustainable, study for TDG, Delft, 11-07-2019.

Ilias Bouhannouche, Evaluating the operational and financial feasibility of battery-electric AGVs at brownfield container terminals, study for ECT, Delft, 07-02-2019.

Dioeke Tromp, Airside vehicles: Roads to CO2 reduction The design of an Emission-Prediction-Decision Model (EPDM), Delft, 12-11-2018.

Hadassa Stevens, Towards an adequate methodology for GHG emissions accounting in logistics, A case study at Heineken, Delft, 1-10-2018.

Rutger van Ouwerkerk, Environmental network optimisation using Physical Internet logistics in the parcel delivery industry, study for Post.nl, Delft, 31-07-2018.


MSc TIL5050-12/20 Design projects about sustainability

Chung, E., Hooft, F.M., Joon, P.J.A., Leeuwen, B. van, Poelgeest, M. van, Developing a decision support tool to assess the feasibility of the Asphalt Recycling Train in The Netherlands, Delft, 09-03-2020.

Grolle, J., Koev, V., Oostenbroek, A., Strikwerda, N., Woensdregt, K., Improving KLM's waste stream logistics, Delft, 12-02-2020.

Broekman, M., Loudon, E., Graeff, J. de, Kalf, H., Sustainable taxiing and push back in 2030 on Schiphol for Transavia, Delft, 05-02-2020.

Bentem, K., Buirma, M., Duurling, K. van, Schuckink Kool, K., Turhan, E., Alternative marine fuels, A cost comparison model for 2050, project for TUD P&E Zero Emission Fuels, Delft, 10-12-2019.

Buitenweg, A., Rooij, D. van, Vendrik, I., Verhoeven, K., Volberda, L, Analytically determining the optimal location for a solar methanol farm, project for TUD P&E Zero Emission Fuels, Delft, 08-05-2019.

Indriana, I.R., Apparcel, M., Boogaard, R. van den, Jonsdottit, S.B., Gan, Z., Transportation optimization of BCTN’s terminals, Delft, 31-11-18.

Cheng., P-Y., Ebers, Th., Rugge, T. van, Zuurbier, E., Exploring the Smart Place Concept – A case study for the municipality of Amsterdam and Goudappel Coffeng, Delft, 30-04-2018.

Alphen, M.C., Overtoom, I.A.E., Rieske, J.H.E., Verweij, K.M., Turnaround terminal, project for Deerns, 24-04-2018.

Diran, D.D., Cornelisse, E.P., Rijsman, L.F., Aanhane, F.H.J., Heijden, T. van der, Taxsea!, Optimization of crew change logistics in offshore industry, report for Ampelmann, Delft, 23-08-2017.

Bronsvoort, K.A., Dokter, A.L., Versluys, G.V., Zuniga, E.A., Parking facility design for the future, report for Deerns, Delft, 18-05-2017.

Dimitropoulos, Ch., Soekander, L., He. Y., Xie, W., Delft Smart City, Planning for the future of Delft Schieoevers North, project for Delft Municipality, Delft, 10-02-2017.

Arends, E., Borst, L., Mensink, V., Pronk, R., Tuin, M. van, EV-Box in the USA, Designing the most cost-efficient way to assemble and deliver charging stations, final report, Delft, 23-06-2016.

Klein, A., Vaessen, M., Vreede, N. de, Welsenes, J. van, Yu, S., Analyses and recommendations on the distribution and warehousing processes of Foods and Home & Personal Care shared SKU’sin the Benelux, project for Unilever Benelux, final report TIL Design project, Delft, 21-01-2016.

Looff., E., Roelofsen, D., Schoenmaker, H., Straaten, J. van, Composite access structures, towards implementation, project for Huisman Equipment B.V., final report, Delft, 12-01-2016.

Blangé, J., Geerts B., Li, T., Zhou, T., Feasibility of car-free cities, final report TIL Designproject, internal TUD project, Delft, 30-06-2014.

Blijenburgh, R., Kerpel, D., Nieuwenhuijsen, J., Tielbeek, E., A refreshing insight in transport solutions for Heineken, Delft, 23-06-2014.


TIL5060 thesis projects 2020


Vittorio Mandolesi, Evaluating transport and warehousing costs savings opportunity through direct delivery implementation in a supply chain distribution structure with DCs: Case study at Philips coffee business, Delft.

Julius Scheepens, Optimization of Cargill's rapeseed supply chain in Western Europe, Delft.

Rail freight

Peter Joon, Improving on-site logistics, The case of the on-site transportation planning of Tata Steel IJmuiden, Delft.



Airport design/operations

Joost de Graeff, Determining the feasibility of a new airport passenger terminal concept based on seamless flow technology, Mixing domestic and international passengers in passenger terminal facilities, study for NACO, Delft, 20-08-2020.


Willemijn van der Elst, Towards continuous flow in production lines, A case study at Heineken Zoeterwoude, Delft, 13-05-2020.

Iris Vendrik, Strategies to regulate inbound logistics at convention centers, A case study of the RAI Amsterdam, Delft, 01-07-2020.

Rail freight

Tugba Uzel, Information sharing and collaboration between the logistic partners of intermodal rail transport, study for Port of Rotterdam Authority, Delft, 25-06-2020.

Frank Heins, Freight traffic on the Dutch railway network in 2030 and 2040, study for DB Cargo Nederland, 29-09-2020.

Road technology

Ward de Jong, Towards smart transport infrastructure, A concept roadmap to implement smart transport infrastructure for movable bridges in the Netherlands, study for Witteveen + Bos, Delft, 17-08-2020.

In preparation

Anne van Langevelde, operational excellence, study for Royal Flora Holland.

Michiel de Roos, shared mobility/hubs, study for Rebel Group.

Interreg project sustainable mobility eHubs.

T&P Smart & Sustainable Mobility Lab.

  • Bal., F., Vleugel, J.M., Towards more environmentally sustainable intercontinental freight transport, in: International Journal of Transport, Development and Integration, Vol. 4, No. 2 (2020), 129-141. ISSN: 2058-8313, DOI: 10.2495/TDI-V4-N2-129-141, Southampton: WIT Press.
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  • Janic, M & Vleugel, J.M., 2012. Estimating potential reductions in externalities from rail–road substitution in Trans-European freight transport corridors. Transportation Research. Part D: Transport & Environment, 17(2), March 2012, 154-160. 

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  • Vleugel, J.M., Gent, H. van, Duurzame ontwikkeling, mobiliteit en bereikbaarheid, naar een onderzoeksagenda, ITL no. 10, DUP, Delft, 1991.

  • Vleugel, J., Gent, H. van, Nijkamp, P., The Netherlands, in: Button, K. (ed.), Transport and the environment, Six case studies, Routledge, London, 1990.


CT3080LR - Landside accessibility of Airports - "Reporting techniques and creativity", 05-09-2019.

CT3200 - Minor Integrated design - Final presentations, invited expert, 31-01-2020.

AR3CS100 - City of the Future - "Freight distribution in cities:Design challenges", 14-09-2020.

AR3CS100 - City of the Future - Master class, invited expert, 25-09-2020.

Jaap Vleugel

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