Irene van der Veer (2017/2018)

The Department of Water Management is proud to announce the winner of the Cees Boeter Award for the best BSc thesis written in the 2017-2018 academic year.
 As each year, we have been able to select three nominees from a highly competitive group of young researchers and designers with a huge variety of topics.
Nominee 1 studied  Water reclamation with ceramic membrane filtration for cooling water in industrial use. Daniel Donse studied the use of reclaimed water for industrial cooling in Maputo, especially the possibility to treat wastewater effluent in ceramic membrane filtration.
Our second nominee, Irene van der Veer, built a model to predict daily Leaf Area Index values. This Index is an important element of hydrological models, but a model to predict daily LAI values and is applicable on global scale does not exist.
The third nominee is Tess Wegman, who looked into the possibilities of implementing High Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage systems to store geothermal energy through injecting saline groundwater from deeper layers storage in other saline aquifers.
The three nominees show that our best BSc students are able to tackle important problems, are able to deal with complicated data sets, are able to analyse complex outcomes and can write a report as well.
But, as always, there can be only one winner. This year, that winner is the student that managed the complexities of data and mathematics, and wrote an impressive report. Our winner of the 2018 Cees Boeter Award is Irene van der Veer.