Available MSc projects Water Management

Searching for an interesting thesis project or internship at the TU Delft for at least three months? Below are some topics within the Watermanagement group of Civil Engineering for Master students.

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Physical and chemical characterization of Biofilm formed before and after thermal energy recovery from Drinking Water Distribution Network (DWDN)

Ahmad, J.9-12 mo

Sustainable Freshwater Supply in Mozambique

Arsénio, A2-8 mo
Diffusion of complex substrates in aerobic granular sludgeBerg, L. van den > 3 mo
Adsorption of particulate COD to aerobic granular sludgeBerg, L. van den > 3 mo
Local Treatment of Urban Sewage Streams for Healthy Reuse: Antimicrobial resistance in water reuseBicudo Pérez, B., Medema, G., Ferrero, G. & van Halem, D.6-8 mo
MSc Thesis Projects in Water Quality aspects of Managed Aquifer RechargeBreukelen, B.
MSc (&BSc) Thesis Project: Capture, Treat, Store, and Reuse. Bluebloqs Circular Water SystemBreukelen, B.
Water Quality aspects of Managed Aquifer RechargeBreukelen, B.3-9 mo
Climate Proofing the Netherlands: Urban Waterbuffer RotterdamBreukelen, B.

Treatment, storage & reuse of stormwater in urban areas. Urban Waterbuffer Valladolid, Spain

Breukelen, B.
Consumer preferences in the Dutch DW benchmarkDe Goede, M3-9 mo

Regulations and responsibilities in the Dutch DW sector

De Goede, M

3-9 mo

Mineral wool bio filters: The Green WallDe Valk, S.≥ 3 mo
Tailoring diamond for potable water productionDoekhi -Bennani, Y6-9 mo

Adsorption-oxidation process for removal of organic micropollutants

Doekhi -Bennani, Y.3-8 mo
Surface modification of boron-doped diamond electrodes for removal of recalcitrant organic pollutantsDoekhi -Bennani, Y.6-9 mo
Hydraulic performance evaluation of a simplified spatial representation model for sewer systemsDuque, N. & Scholten, L.6 mo

Internship: Soil column experiments to study the transport of bacterial plant pathogens

Eisfeld, C.2-6 mo
Soil column experiments to study the transport of bacterial plant pathogensEisfeld, C.6 mo

Phenol and resorcinol wastewater degradation by AnMBR: effect of additional carbon and energy source in the biodegradation process  

Garcia, Victor S.6-8 mo
Phenolic compound degradation kinetics in AnMBR Garcia, Victor S.6-8 mo
Phenolic wastewater degradation by AnMBRGarcia, Victor S.4-6 mo

Saline phenolic wastewater degradation by AnMBR: effect of high Na+ concentration in the phenol bioconversion capacity

Garcia, Victor S.6-8 mo

Non-destructive condition assessment technologies and methods for large diameter pipelines

Heck, G.J. van 6-8 mo
Internship: P-CDP as novel adsorption material for wastewater treatmentHoek, J.P. van der 3 mo intship
Drinking water softening at the tap: pros and consHoek, J.P. van der10 wks-
6 mo
Improving CFD modelling of drinking water reactorsHoek, J.P. van der6-9 mo
Drinking water reactor profile modellingHoek, J.P. van der6-9 mo
Improving CFD modelling of irregulary shaped particles in drinking water hydraulic reactorsHoek, J.P. van der6-9 mo
Operational OK-model for drinking water pellet softening fluidised bed reactors at WaternetHoek, J.P. van der & Kramer, O.6-9 mo
Drinking water particle size detection methodsHoek, J.P. van der
6-9 mo
Fluidisation behaviour of carbon grainsHoek, J.P. van der & K
6-9 mo
Improving the Carman-Kozeny equationHoek, J.P. van der
6-9 mo
Reactor profile modellingHoek, J.P. van der & Kramer, O.6-9 mo
Thermal Energy from surface waterHoek, J.P. van der & Mol, S.6-9 mo
Internship: Treatment of saline water: Salt removal and recoveryHoek, J.P. van der, Terwisscha van Scheltinga, S. & Chiou, E.3-6 mo
Optimal Rehabilitation of Urban Drainage SystemsKapelan, Z. & Langeveld, J.6-9 mo
Swarm Intelligence for Improved Sewer InspectionKapelan, Z., Clemens, F. & Langeveld. J.6-9 mo
Biological filtration optimizationKeuten, M≥3 mo

An Open Source Water Sampler: Design - Construction - Programming - Field testing

Kruisdijk, E3-9 mo
IR cameraLepot, M4-6 mo
MultisensorsLepot, M4-6 mo
Pills for pilsLepot, M4-6 mo
Sonar TSLepot, M4-6 mo
Optimization and automation of wastewater recycling technology for the carwash industry in GhanaLindeboom, R., Rietveld, L. & Monney, I. 6-9 mo

Hydrodynamic model of pathogens in the Netherlands

Medema, G6-9 mo

Health risk assessment of wastewater reuse

Medema, G6-9 mo
Safe RO systemsMedema, G6-9 mo
Transformation product formation in water treatment
Medema, G6-9 mo
Fate of Antibiotic Resistance in the EnvironmentMedema, G6-9 mo
Internship: Swimming in Antibiotic Resistance?Medema, G6-9 mo
Recovery of water and energy from wastewater: Modelling AnMBRs with flocculant addition Odriozola Arbiza, M. & Spanjers, H.6-9 mo
Local Treatment of Urban Sewage Streams for Healthy Reuse: Downscaling a DAF using Particle Image VelocimetryPiaggio, A. & Lindeboom R.Kreuk, M. de2-12 mo
Domestic Slurry CharacterisationRadhakrishnan, A.--
Slurry TransportRadhakrishnan, A.--
Circulaire rivier voor de olifanten van Diergaarde Blijdorp (Dutch speaking students only)Rietveld, L. & Schwidder, L.S.--
PIV measurements in gully potsM. Rietveld3-6 mo
Flow or flood, what happens in gully potsM. Rietveld 3-12 Mo
Efficiency test of gully potsM. Rietveld3-6 Mo
How to produce drinking water with a hydrogen car?Roest, E. van der Hoek, J.P. van der6-9 mo
Water reuse using ceramic nanofiltration

Shang, R

4-8 mo

Low-cost ceramic membranes for virus removal                    

Soliman, M

4-8 mo

Company internship proposal in discipline Industry WaterSpanjers, H. & Zhang, X. 3-6 mo
Focused Electrode Leak LocationStegeman, B.
2-6 mo
Energy recovery from Distribution Network (DN)Van der Hoek, JP6 mo
Modelling removal op pathogenic microoganisms in slow sand filters for drinking water productionVan der Hoek,6-10 mo
Internship: Can organic water treatment improve power plant efficiency?Vidojkovic, S., Rietveld L. & Spanjers, H.3 mo
Internship: Efficient power generation- how to control fouling in water-steam cycleVidojkovic, S., Rietveld L. & Spanjers, H.3 mo
Internship: Power plant efficiency – does the water-steam cycle influence magnetite deposits?Vidojkovic, S., Rietveld L. & Spanjers, H.3 mo
Internship: How thermally stable are water additives?Vidojkovic, S., Rietveld L. & Spanjers, H.3 mo
Internship: Modelling of interaction energy in water-steam cycleVidojkovic, S., Rietveld L. & Spanjers, H.3 mo
Adsorption of fluoride on granular layered double hydroxies: batch and column studies.
Fluoride removal by softening pellets: equilibrium and kinetic studies.
Wei, L.
Innovative wastewater treatment for removal of organic micropollutantsZwart, M. & Doekhi -Bennani, Y.3-8 mo
Variety fair: Diverse absorbent materials for diverse water constituentsZietzschmann, F.2-8 mo
Roll the dyes: Surrogates for pollutant breakthrough on granular activated carbonZietzschmann, F.6 mo
Like solves like: New absorbents for contaminantsZietzschmann, F.6 mo
2 quirks with 1 coal - Water purification & greenhouse gas emission reductionZietzschmann, F.6 mo