Theo Olsthoorn

Theo Olsthoorn joined the Water Resources Section as a part-time professor of groundwater exploration in September 2004. He is also senior researcher hydrology for Waternet (Amsterdam Water Supply). Professor Olsthoorn is a former MSc and PhD graduate of Delft University of Technology and has working experience in a number of renowned Dutch hydrological institutes.

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PhD, Technical University Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering


MsC. Technical University Delft, civil engineering, (with honours). Specializing directions: drinking water & geohydrology. 


Work Experience


Senior Researcher Hydrology / Waternet


Part time professor TU-Delft / Geohydrology


Team leader hydrology & ecology, Amsterdam Water Supply


Head of hydrology, Amsterdam Water Supply, responsible for all hydrological research and advising within the company.


Senior researcher integrated environmental modeling. Head of centre for integrated environmental modeling.


Senior researcher/hydrologist RIVM (Governmental Institute of Public Health & Environmental Hygiene). Responsible for hydrological projects among others transboundary effects of German Lignite Mining and environmental effects of use of earth heat.


Kiwa (Dutch Water Companies Testing and Research Institute), project leader for advising projects on artificial recharge and groundwater issues.


IWACO water supply consultants. Project leader for projects in the field of geo-hydrology.


Project leader for the research on artificial recharge of groundwater by wells.


Professional activities


  • Part-time professor Geohyrolgy Delft. Courses Geohydrology I and II (CT4420, CT5440)
  • Invited lecturer at IHE (Advanced groundwater flow), 2001-present
  • Invited lecturer in the graduate course of Prof. Kop (Technical University Delft, Civil Engineering/Sanitary Engineering) on groundwater modeling using spreadsheets (about 1993-1997).
  • Post Academic Courses in Delft on artificial recharge of groundwater, and modeling of groundwater (several times).

Student supervision

  • MSc responsible for 10 students.
  • 7 promovendi (cadidates)
  • About 60 students carried out a traineeship for preparing their BSc or MSc on hydrology or water management within and for Amsterdam Water Supply since 1990.

Leadership & Coordination

  • IAHS, since ca. 1984, member of the board of the Dutch chapter since 2001, since 2010 president.
  • President of SWIM17, the 17th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Delft, 6-10 May 2002
  • Co-president of the one-day symposium “Calibration of Groundwater models”(In Dutch), Dutch Hydrological Association, 7 March 2001, Preface..
  • President of TISAR, the third international symposium on artificial recharge, Amsterdam 1998. The conference was opened by the crown Prince, Willem Alexander.
  • Co-president of the one-day symposium on calibration of groundwater models, 1996

Membership and Affiliation

  • IAHS, since ca. 1984, member of the board of the Dutch chapter since 2001, since 2010 president.
  • Royal Dutch Association of Water People (KVWN) since 1974
  • Werkgroep duurzaam gebruik ondergrond, Technische Commissie Bodembeheer (>2008)
  • Taskgroup Zandmotor Solleveld

List of professional publications


Olsthoorn, T.N. (1998) Groundwater modelling: calibration and the use of spreadsheets. Delft University Press, ISBN 90-407-1702-8 / CIP, about 300pp


Huisman, L. & T.N.Olsthoorn (1983) Artificial Groundwater Recharge. Pitman, advanced Publishing Program, Boston etc. 320pp.

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Olsthoorn T.N. (1982) The Clogging of Recharge Wells, Main Subjects (In English). Kiwa research communication 72, Rijswijk, The Netherlands 136pp.

Refereed journal articles

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2009) Digitale geohydrologische informatie via DinoLoket Bruikbaar of liever terug naar de oude grondwaterkaarten? Stromingen, Vol 5, Nr. 1,75-76. + Ractie: Stromingen Vol15, Nr. 53-54

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Refereed conference proceedings

Van Ginkel, Olsthoorn, Smidt en Darwich (Oct. 2010) Freshwater storage in saline aquifers, the FSSE well. Int. Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge, Abu Dhaby (2010)

Alam, N. & T.N.Olsthoorn (2010) Modeling for sustainable use of groundwater in Chaj Doab, Indus Basin, Pakistan.. 2010, April 11-15, Denver Groundwater Summit.

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2010) Improved Groundwater Modeling using an open and free environment, called mfLab. 2010, April 11-15, Denver Groundwater Summit.

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2010) Upconing-related dowstream long-term salinization and head phenomena in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. 2010, June, 21-16. 21st Saltwater Intrusion Meeting (SWIM21) Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal.

Nienhuis, P., Kamps, P., Spillekom, S. & Olsthoorn, T.N. (2010) Comparing methods for exploring the fresh/salt groundwater interface position in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. 2010, June, 21-16. 21st Saltwater Intrusion Meeting (SWIM21) Ponta Delgada, Azores, Purtugal.

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2009) Times Series Analysis is Essential to Ground Water Modeling . 2009, April 19-23, Tucson, AZ. Groundwater Summit

Alam, N. & T.N. Olsthoorn (2008) Institutional Innovations for Poverty Eradication: Optimization in Water Resources Projects and Agricultural Policies in the Indus Basin ,Pakistan. 2008, May, 19-21, Golden, Co. USA, Modflow & More

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2008) De wichelroede na de Scheunentests en Enright. 2008, May 22. NHV-symposium De Bron van Leven. Bunnik. Voordracht gehouden via Skype vanuit Golden USA.

Nathalie Emanuels, Goldmining Pollution Abatement Officer, WWF Guianas, Suriname Theo Olsthoorn, Hoogleraar grondwater, TU Delft en Hydroloog, Wereldwaternet, Nederland. 2008, May, 29-30. Paramaribo, Suriname. Conferentie: Duurzamen ontwikkeling Suriname: Workshop Water.

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2008) Brackish Groundwater as a new Resource for Drinking Water, Specific Consequences of Density Dependent Flow, and Positive Environmental Consequences. 174-177. 2008, Jun 23-27. Naples, FL, USA. Satwater Intrusion Meeting.

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Invited Lectures

Olsthoorn T.N. (dec 2010) Dec AGU, San Francisco, 2010 – invitated to give a presentation on saltwater intrusion. Olsthoorn, T.N. (2008) Calibration of slow models. Featured presentation. 2008, May, 19-21, Golden, Co. USA, Modflow & More

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2006) Do a bit more with convolution. Modflow and More Conference, May 21-24 2006.

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2005) Systeem in het Grondwater. Vakantiecursus Drinkwatervoorziening en Afvalwaterbehandeling (Jan 2005, Delft).

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2003) We have to calibrate our renewed and extended model of the Amsterdam Dune Area reproducibly, scientifically on many different situations simultaneously. Featured talk, Modflow & More Conference, Golden, Colorado, Sept 16-19, 2003.

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2001) The Amsterdam dune area, the history of salt water intrusion and restoration.  1st Int Workshop on investigation, management and remediation of contaminated aquifers, Alicante Oct 18-19, 2001. The presentation was given on Oct 18 in Alicante and on Oct. 22 at the Geological Survey in Madrid.

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2001) The Amsterdam dune area, the history of salt water intrusion and restoration.  Facilitated Meeting on Saltwater Intrusion in Georgia. Savannah, September 17-18 (Published by Camp Dresser & MkCee  consultants (CDM)).

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Olsthoorn, T.N. (2001)  REGIS (Regional GIS) at the Amsterdam Water Supply (In Dutch). Symposium on Regional GIS, NITG-TNO/Province of South-Holland, 28 Sept. 2001.

Other papers and presentations

Olsthoorn, T.N. (2006) (Be)wegen van groundwater. Intreerede, TUDelft, 22/9/2006. Uitgegeven door TUDelft. 20p.

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Theo Olsthoorn

Lecturer / Researcher