Dr. Ing. K.M. (Kim Maren) Lompe


Hello! My name is Kim Maren Lompe and I am starting a tenure track Assistant Professor position at TU Delft in September 2020.

Previously, I was working as a Research Associate at Polytechnique Montréal, focussing mainly on the adsorption of organic pollutants on powdered activated carbon. Organic pollutants are a diverse group of molecules and they are everywhere: natural organic matter, taste & odor molecules, micropollutants and hydrocarbons – to name just a few candidates of interest!

I obtained my Ph.D. from the Industrial Chair in Drinking Water at Polytechnique Montréal for the development of a magnetic carbon-nanocomposite and its application to water treatment. I hold an engineering degree in Water Management & Engineering (focus on groundwater) from TU Dresden (Germany).


Broadly speaking, my research interests are adsorption phenomena and novel materials for water treatment.

The goal is to better understand the interactions between naturally occurring organic matter and the target pollutants via laboratory tests and modelling. A better mechanistic understanding of adsorption helps to design materials for target pollutant removal and to improve existing processes in water treatment.
The challenge in water treatment is often to achieve very good water quality while staying low-cost at the same time. That is why I am interested in researching affordable and accessible materials as well as innovative ways of using adsorption for water treatment.
Besides adsorption as an engineering tool, I am also interested in adsorption phenomena in natural or technical aquatic systems. Think of the role of biofilms for contaminant removal or the fate and role of micro- or nanoplastic in our water sources.

If you are looking for a project (MSc. or PhD or Postdoc) – please contact me! I have a variety of hot topics to propose: on adsorption / novel materials / microplastic!

Teaching the class “Adsorption and Ion exchange” in CIE4703-19

Interested in my lecture club “Adsorption”? Reach out to me in order to join! We read and discuss one recent scientific article on adsorption every 3 weeks!

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2020/2021 – Smaller, faster, better? Investigating particle size dependent performance of activated carbon for small GAC contactors. Joining forces between TU Delft and water industrial partner.

  • Occasional reviews for Water Research
  • Member of the American Water Works Association

Kim Maren Lompe

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