Ir. Ties van der Heijden


In October 2019 I started my PhD at the department of Water Resources Management at Civil Engineering and the department of Intelligent Electrical Power Grids group at Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences at TU Delft. I also enjoy a parttime position at HKV Consultants. I did both my BSc Civil Engineering and my MSc Water Management at the faculty of Civil Engineering in Delft. During my PhD I will work on the role of water systems in the energy transition.


My research is about balancing supply and demand of electricity on the grid (demand response). Specifically, I research how availability of renewable energy can be taken into account in control of a water system. I do this by researching electricity markets, currently and in the future, with the help of deep neural networks. I also research optimal control for water systems in order to take local constraints and objectives into regard, together with energy availability.

Ties van der Heijden

PhD candidate

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