European Junior Scientist Workshop 2017

23rd EJSW: Monitoring urban drainage systems

15 - 20 May 2017 in Chichilianne, France


Background and Objectives
European Junior Scientists Workshops (EJSWs) provide an opportunity for young scientists (typically PhD students and young post-doc researchers in both public and private sectors) to present ideas, plans and preliminary results of their own research in an inspiring, friendly, co-operative and non-competitive environment. The idea is not only to listen and to watch, neither only to talk and to dominate, but to learn from and help each other in solving scientific problems.

Based on an adapted framework from the previous edition (same place, same committee), the 23rd EJSW focusses on the application of modern sensor technology, data communication, data validation and analysis applied to sewer and urban drainage systems. The workshop offers junior scientists the possibility to present and discuss their work with senior researchers in a setting that gives more opportunity to learn from each other and share when compared to regular conferences.

The main topics of the workshop are:

  • On-line monitoring of water quality and quantity in wastewater and storm water collection systems
  • Uncertainties in sewer measurements and modeling (hydraulics, solutes and sediment transport and biochemical processes)
  • New / emerging pollutants in sewers
  • Data needs and availability in urban water systems, concerning both structural and functional aspects
  • Data acquisition and analysis in urban water system
  • Links between data and model calibration
  • Use of data sets for various purposes and models
  • Use of fields data for integrated urban water systems modeling
  • Hands on demonstration and practice or several measuring principles, including sensors calibration, uncertainty assessment, data validation, data analysis, operational aspects of monitoring stations, etc.

Organization Committee

The workshop is co-organized by:

  • Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski (INSA Lyon)
  • Frank Blumensaat (EAWAG/ETH)
  • Fran├žois Clemens (DUT)
  • Mathieu Lepot (DUT)

English will be the workshop language during presentation and hands-on sessions. All other languages will be welcome at any other moment during the workshop.

Abstract Publication
Abstracts (4 pages max.) will be published as workshop proceedings on this website after approval and revision by the authors.

Participants are expected to make all travel arrangements to and from Lyon and pay for their own trip. The workshop will be sponsored. A fee of 450 euros will be charged to cover costs for local transportation (bus from Lyon to Chichilianne and return), accommodation and meals during the workshop, and also for small equipment and furniture for hands-on sessions.