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14 mei 2020


Our AidroLab proposal was chosen as the first Artificial Intelligence laboratory hosted by the CEG Faculty as part of the Kick Start Call of TU Delft’s DAI-Labs initiative. AidroLab is led by the Department of Water Management and the Department of Intelligent Systems (EEMCS), in collaboration with the Department of Hydraulic Engineering (CEG), and the departments of Software Technology (EEMCS) and Microelectronics (EEMCS).

14 mei 2020

Professor in the classroom

TU Delft has reached the age of 178 and celebrates this occasion with Delft primary school pupils. On Wednesday 29 January, 25 TU Delft professors gave a guest lecture to pupils from group 7 and 8 at various primary schools in Delft as part of Meet the Professor, an event organised by the WIJStad programme and the TU Delft 'Wetenschapsknooppunt'.

14 mei 2020

Prof Kapelan Joins KWR’s Scientific Council

Prof Kapelan became a member of KWR’s External Scientific Advisory Council (ESAC) in 2019.

14 mei 2020

Prof Kapelan Awarded Two EU Research Grants

The first project, WIDER UPTAKE, was awarded under the circular economy call CE-SC5-04-2019. The project is led by SINTEF in Norway and it involves 18 partners from across Europe.

14 mei 2020

The PDEng programme continues

A next group of trainees has reached the second year of the PDEng programme Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). This programme focuses on the development of innovations for the civil industry in PDEng projects by converting results from fundamental research into solutions for environmental and public transport issues.

14 mei 2020

TAPP-BDP: a participatory tool towards end-user inclusive implementation of safe water supply

The TAPP-BDP project aims to develop a smart phone application to improve operation and maintenance, water quality and hygiene awareness, trust, and acceptance of piped water supply (PWS) systems within the Bangladesh Delta Plan (BDP).

14 mei 2020

Vitens-Dunea NWO-TTW partnership puts sand filters in the spotlight!

Sand filters, widely applied technologies for drinking water treatment, have been around for centuries. These filters are well-known to effectively sieve suspended solids from surface waters, or from iron-containing groundwaters. Also, as slow filters with a fine sand fraction, these filters are known to remove pathogenic micro-organisms and organic material from the water. With over a century of experience, one might think we know everything about these filters, however surprisingly, only very little is understood regarding the biological and chemical processes that occur in them. The aim of Vitens-Dunea’s partnership with NWO-TTW is to increase our understanding of sand filters to increase operational efficiency, control and contaminant removal.

14 mei 2020

Shanghai University, Tongji University, TUD and Waternet start cooperation on drinking water disinfection and corona

Two universities in China (Shanghai University, Tongji University) will start a cooperation with TU Delft, section Sanitary Engineering, and water utility Waternet (Amsterdam) on disinfection of drinking water related to the SARS CoV-2 “corona” inactivation.

14 mei 2020

TU Delft Global Drinking Water-IWA conference and Best Paper Award 2019

On 25-26 November 2019, the TU Delft | Global Drinking Water programme organized in collaboration with UNESCO-IHE The Role of Technology conference in Delft, with the aim to address the role of technology in reaching Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.1: Access to Safe Water. With over 100 participants, the first edition this IWA supported conference was a big success, connecting international delegates from all over the world.

24 april 2020

Zuiveren van afvalwater is van cruciaal belang

Zuiveren van afvalwater is van cruciaal belang. Ik wil iedereen op het hart drukken geen doekjes, plastic handschoentjes en mondkapjes door het toilet te spoelen’. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen bezocht Waterschap Hollandse Delta.