PhD Research

Completed PhD theses

Koen Hilgersom (2017)
Measuring and modelling salt and heat transport in low-land drainage canals; Flow and stratification effects of saline seepage

Juliette Cortes Arevalo (2016)
Use of volunteersā€™ information to support proactive inspection of hydraulic structures

Hojjat Mianabadi (2016)
Hydropolitics and Conflict Management in Transboundary River Basins

Floris Boogaard (2015)
Storm water characteristics and new testing methods for certain sustainable urban drainage systems in The Netherlands

Martine Rutten (2015)
Moistue in the topsoil: From large-scale observations to small-scale process understanding

Luca Carniato (2014)
Model-data integration for predictive assessment of groundwater reactive transport systems

Congli Dong (2014)
Probabilistic scenario-based decision making for water resources planning and management

Rolf Hut (2013)
New Observational Tools and Datasources for Hydrology: Hydrological data Unlocked by Tinkering

Luciano Raso (2013)
Optimal Control of Water Systems Under Forecast Uncertainty: Robust, Proactive, and Integrated

Min Xu (2013)
Real-time Control of Combined Water Quantity & Quality in Open Channels

M. Atiq Tariq (2011)
Risk based sustainable flood control strategies for Pakistan

Steven Weijs (2011)
Role of information in risk based water system operation

Martine Poolman (2011)
Present & Future: Visualising ideas of water infrastructure design

Rutger de Graaf (2009)
Transistions to more sustainble urban water management

Tom Raadgever (2009)
Does collaboration enhance learning? The challenge of learning from collaborative water management research

Jan Friesen  (2008)
Regional vegetation water effects on satellite soil moisture estimations for West Africa

Rongchao Li (2008)
Application of equity principles of IWRM in water allocation in the Yellow River Basin.

Olivier Hoes (2007)
Aanpak wateroverlast in polders op basis van risicobeheer

Karen Meijer (2007)
Human well-being values of environmental flows

Peter-Jules van Overloop (2006)
Model prediction control

FafrƩ Bagayoko (2006)
Impact of land-use intensity on evaporation and surface runoff: processes and parameters for Eastern Burkina Faso, West Africa

Barnabas Amisigo (2006)
Modelling riverflows in the Volta Basin of West Africa: a data-driven framework

Maurits Ertsen (2005)
Irrigation development in the Netherlands East Indies

Karin de Bruijn (2005)
Resilience strategies for flood risk management of lowland rivers