Developing micro-hydro power plant in Haruku island, Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago and the province of Maluku especially consists of many different islands. This makes it difficult and costly to establish good energy infrastructure facilities that are accessible for the rural population. The absence of good and reliable energy services is one of the factors limiting economic development on these islands. The objective is to contribute towards rural electrification in remote areas in Indonesia based on the environmental friendly technology of micro hydro power.

The project aims to promote capacities within the province of Maluku for developing community-based structures (village cooperatives) that will establish and manage micro-hydropower plants for regional power generation. The focus is on developing capacities within the local university, UKIM, to train and educate local and regional experts for micro-hydro power; and to implement research programmes on water resources management and on community-based concepts for managing micro-hydro power plants centers. A pilot micro hydro power plant will be developed as a live case study in the village of Aboru (Haruku Island), to support knowledge development in a practical setting. Through UKIM’s training and technical assistance programmes communities in Maluku and elsewhere in Indonesia will be assisted in the development and implementation of subsequent micro-hydropower projects in other rural communities.

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