Cesar Jimenez Rodriguez M.Sc

The research project focusses on the evaporation fluxes and partitioning in forest ecosystems. The research aims to quantify the water fluxes with their stable isotope concentrations though the analysis of soil water, stemflow, throughfall, rainfall, and air samples. The stable isotope analysis will allow to quantify the fractionation effect of the evaporation processes at different locations within the forest ecosystem. The main research questions involve in the project are:

  • How much water is lost by the different evaporation fluxes in a coniferous forest stand in the Netherlands?
  • Do fractionation processes affect the sap water along the tree stem before transpiration occurs?
  • How is the spatial variation of the evaporation front in the soil profile?
  • How the tree bark characteristics and vertical distribution affect the stem flow?
  • How the evaporation process in the moss and litter layers affects the isotope signature of the soil water?
  • Does the stable isotope content of the air allow to determine the forest evaporation fluxes?

Cesar Jimenez Rodriguez

Ph.D Researcher

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