Dr. Ir. Ralph Lindeboom

My name is Ralph Lindeboom, 34 years old and from last August I have started in a tenure track position at the section Sanitary Engineering, CEG. Although you are always welcome to pass by in my office 4.61, I would like to use this newsletter to introduce myself shortly.

In 2004 I went on an internship to Nepal to evaluate the solar cooking program of the Vajra Foundation in the UNHCR refugee camps. Solar irradiation was in a very elegant way used to boil/disinfect water for drinking and cooking purposes. When seeing the major pollution of the rivers in India, I decided to use my studies on Innovation management and Renewable energy for treating Water. Afterwards I ended up working for Kiwa Industry and Water, did my PhD at Wageningen University on Autogenerative High Pressure Digestion and worked as lecturer and researcher at Saxion Hogeschool on various energy and water related themes. Prior to my current position I was working as a post-doc at Ghent University in co-operation with the European Space Agency to build, operate and evaluate a pilot installation recovering hygienic water and nutrients from urine and shower water for long term manned Space missions.

In my current tenure-track position Building Blocks for Resource Recovery from Waste Water I aim to integrate solar energy into biological waste water treatment systems with the aim of locally recovering potable water, nutrients, chemicals and energy carriers. Hydrothermal vents are my scientific source of inspiration, but in terms of application my core focus will be on tackling global challenges, like  implementation of decentralized water reuse in arid regions or developing countries.

Looking forward to a pleasant co-operation with all of you!

Ralph Lindeboom