Ir. Irene Caltran

Irene is from Italy. She studied civil engineering at the Delft University of Technology, with specialisation in sanitary engineering. Experiences during her study include
- BSc-thesis: Filter materials for small scale arsenic removal techniques;
- MSc-thesis: Arsenic oxidation and removal with manganese oxides in filters;
- Additional thesis:  Characterization of the central wastewater treatment plant of Maputo (Mozambique).

Several drinking water companies use ion exchange (IEX) to remove natural organic matter (NOM).  In this case, IEX produces a challenging waste brine, which contains NOM, regeneration chloride salt, and several ions. In order to limit the waste brine volume, sodium chloride can be recovered with ceramic nanofiltration. However, separation between different ions in ceramic nanofiltration is not fully understood at high salinity conditions. This subject is investigated by Irene Caltran. She is a PhD candidate working for the EU Interreg project DOC2C`s.


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