Ir. M. Zwart


My name is Marij Zwart and in April 2018 I started my PhD research at the department of sanitary engineering. My research focusses on the development of an innovative technology to remove organic micropollutants from municipal wastewater.

I have a bachelors’ degree in International Land and Watermanagement at the University of Wageningen. During my bachelor I did an internship in Ghana at Royal Haskoning, after which I decided I wanted to pursue a masters’ degree in sanitary engineering. After finishing my bachelor, I took one year to intern with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in Ghana and to learn Portuguese and travel in Mozambique.

During my master Water management at the faculty of Civil Engineering in Delft, I became passionate about wastewater treatment. As a sanitary engineer with a great affinity with the recovery of resources from wastewater, I am intrigued with all the potential that wastewater holds. I believe that a more advanced way of handling wastewater can have a significant impact on the sustainability of a society, it’s impact on the environment, just as it can increase the overall hygiene and quality of life.

During my masters’ degree, I did an internship in Mozambique, where I focussed on producing biogas from organic waste, as an energy source for drinking water purification. During my thesis I successfully demonstrated the use of ammonia from municipal wastewater as a fuel for fuel cells, for the efficient production of electricity.

After my graduation I worked at Evides, a Dutch water services utility. I worked both in the Netherlands and in Mozambique, mainly as a process engineer in different R&D projects in the wastewater-, infrastructure- and drinking water departments of Evides.

Before I started my PhD, I worked with the British Red Cross to assist in their response to the humanitarian Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh. I worked as a sanitary engineer and I designed and supervised the construction of a small faecal sludge treatment plant. I will continue to work in the emergency sector, next to my PhD.

I love meeting new people, working with students and cooperating with different research projects, so please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my research, or if you have any other questions.

Marij Zwart