Ir. Sandra de Vries

Hello, my name is Sandra de Vries. Half a year ago I graduated as a Water Management engineer from the Delft University of Technology.
As a water ambassador during my studies, and currently working as project developer for the Valorisation Program Deltatechnology and Water, my interest for the water sector have been growing strong.
I take special interest in supporting and increasing innovative sollutions in the water sector and creating awareness for the importance of water (nationally as well as internationally) for which I helped set up the initiative Team Helder Water. I like to tackle challenges by being creative and enthusiastic about the solutions possible.

During my studies I continued an international track after living part of my youth abroad. I conducted research in the Mara River Basin - Kenia, Jakarta - Indonesia, and Ostional - Nicaragua. This research I performed respectively in cooperation with UNESCO-IHE, Deltares, and the research institute CIRA in Managua - Nicaragua.
Living, travelling, and working internationally has created an interest of discovering- and working within- other cultures, on challenging and global issues.
Currently I started working as the IHP-HWRP Committee Secretary, at UNESCO-IHE. And furthermore I take special interest in designing and making clothes, which is a big hobby of mine. It does not stop there though, since I am setting it out as a new starting business as well in REpost, where we REmake textile posters into clothes and accessories.

Sandra de Vries