Boran Ekin Aydin

About Me
I was born in 1985 in Trabzon, Turkey. I graduated in 2008 from Civil Engineering in Middle East Technical University. I then finished my MSc in 2010 in the topic ‘Feasibility Study of Multiple Hydropower Projects: Case Study of Baltaci Stream, Trabzon, Turkey’. After graduation I worked in Ankara, Turkey in private sector as an energy expert for Small Hydropower and Wind Energy Projects until 2011. Since March 2013, I have joined the Water Resources Management group as a PhD candidate.

Research Interest
Model predictive control (MPC) is a powerful control option which is increasingly used by operational water managers for managing water systems. However, these applications on water systems have offset problem because of the mismatch between the models used in MPC and the actual system. The main reasons of this mismatch are the unknown disturbances and other uncertainties present in the system, which cannot be modelled. Mismatch results in offset which prevents MPC to achieve its goal of reaching the set point for the controlled variable. My PhD topic is focused on offset free model predictive control of irrigation canals. I am currently working on a new methodology to overcome the unknown disturbances resulting offset.

van Overloop, P.-J. , Horváth, K. , and Aydin, B. E. (2014). “Model predictive control based on an integrator resonance model applied to an open water channel.” Control Engineering Practice, Vol.27, pp 54–60.

Aydin, B. E., Overloop, P. J. van, & Tian, X. (2014). “Offset Free Model Predictive Control of an Open Water Reach.” Hydroinformatics. New York. 17-21 August 2014.

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Boran Aydin