Upcoming Activities

The AAPG Delft Student Chapter has many activities planned in the next months. The activities are listed below.

If you want to sign up for any of the upcoming activities, just write a mail to or simply come to the lectures.

  • May: Lunch lecture by Raffaele Di Cuia on "The Mediterranean Region: Review of Old and New Play concepts"
  • May/June: Field Trip to Saeftinghe
  • September: Lunch Lecture by Stuart Harker on "A success story of finding and exploiting new resources in an old producing basin. Example of gas discoveries in the Rharb Basin, Morocco"
  • September: Lunch Lecture by Carlos Aizprua on "Subsurface geology: techniques and applications"  

Previous Activities

Vierpolders Geothermal Plant Visit

On the 24th of April the AAPG organized a trip to a recent geothermal development in Vierpolders. The geothermal project with two wells is providing green energy to nearby greenhouses. The production well produces around 200 m3/hr of hot water with a temperature of 83°C. The water gets then reinjected at a temperature of around 30°C. Floris Veeger and Axel Sandén from Veegeo showed us around the plant and explained every detail of the project. All students enjoyed the trip and we are already looking forward to our next activities.

EBN Company Visit

On the 5th of April around 20 people visited the offices of EBN in Utrecht. We had a wide range of presentations from eployees at EBN and enjoyed drinks afterwards in a nice atmosphere. Thanks to EBN for this great experience!

Agriport Geothermal Rig Visit

On Friday the March 31th we had a great visit to the Agriport geothermal project. After an interesting presentation of ECW we enjoyed a tour around the currently active drilling rig and everything got nicely explained. The enthusiastic group together with the lovely spring weather made it a success. Now we are looking forward to our next geothermal visit on the 24th of April in Vierpolders.

Lunch Lecture Allard Martinius (Statoil)

Last Thursday (09.03.2017) Prof. Dr Allard Martinius was our speaker for the monthly lunch lecture organized by the AAPG. Allard Martinius is a Leading Advisor in Sedimentology and Stratigraphy at Statoil and is since 2016 also a Professor in Petroleum Geology here at the TU Delft.  His talk focussed on geological modelling, which in the past, generally focussed on the larger scales. However in reality geological systems consists of a wide range of scales and implementation of these scales in geological models is now realistically achievable using a multiscale approach.  In his talk, Allard Martinius, spoke of several examples where this approach has been successfully applied. Furthermore, he emphasized on the importance of using outcrop analogues and microscopic studies as key ingredients for this successful approach.

Finally we would like to thank you all for coming to this lecture and we would like to see you all during the next one!

IBA Competition 2017

On the 9th of March the IBA team from TU Delft paticipated in the european semi-finals of the Imperial Barrel Awards 2017 in Prague. Even though they did not become one of the top three winning teams, the competition was a having fun and enjoyed their time in this unique challenge.

The winner of the european regional contest was the Eötvös Loránd University from Budapest. More information on the 2017 Semi-Finals can be found here.

IBA presentation 2017

On the 28th of February the TU Delft team participating in the IBA (Imperial Barrel Award) competition 2017 gave their presentation about their work over the last 8 weeks. The IBA team will compete against 18 other teams in the regional competition in Prague on the 9th of March. The critical audience at the presentation therefore gave useful feedback which will hopefully help the TU Delft IBA team win the IBA 2017 award. If the team wins the regional competition they can present their work at the worldwide competition in Houston. 

The TU Delft team did a field development of a basin in Spain over a period of 10 weeks with real data given by the AAPG.

Click here for more about the IBA.

Lunch Lecture Prof. Dr. David Bruhn (GFZ Potsdam)

Our next lunch lecture will be hold by Prof. Dr. David Bruhn who became part-time professor for Geothermal Engineering in the Department of Geoscience & Engineering at our faculty in October 2013. After finishing his PhD in Zuerich (Switzerland) on structural geology, he worked many years for the German Research Center for Geoscience located in Potsdam where he worked as the project manager for various geothermal EU projects. 

His topic will be:

"The Development of Geothermal Energy in Larderello (Italy) since 1904"

Date: Friday the 5th of December 2014

Time: 12:30

Location: Room 1.96 CiTG

Lunch will be provided for you. We are looking forward to see you there

AAPG SC Delft Italy excursion 2013

We from the board of the AAPG Student Chapter Delft are proud to present our upcoming geological fieldtrip to northern Italy. Unfortunatly, the planned excursion to Morocco won't be able to take place anymore, but we think that this trip is even better than what we had previously planned! The details:

The fieldtrip will go to the Tertiary Piedmont Basin west of Milan, Italy, where we are going to look at Tertiary turbity deposits, and their interaction with recent (Alpine) tectonics. Besides geology, we are futhermore going to do some awesome geological wine-tasting, as well as sightseeing into ancient towns and fortresses. In fact, some outcrops are even located inside such a fortress!

Date: Tuesday the 19th of March until Saturday the 23rd of March.
Costs: Around 200 euro 

Included in this price are the flighttickets, as well as the costs for local transportation, accommodation and meals!

If you are interested in joining us, please send us a reply ( before February the 17th. We only have limited spots available (max. 16). We hope to have an awesome excursion with an interesting group of students! If something is unclear, or you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Lunch lecture Pieter Spaak (Shell)

We are proud to announce our next guest-lecture in a series of lectures with which we aim to broaden the horizon of our members. This time our guest will be Dr. Pieter Spaak, who is a geologist working for Shell, and is specialized in basin-modeling. So we have no doubt that this will be interesting for geologists, as well as engineers.

His topic will be:
"Stratigraphic Analysis & Depositional Systems - Comparing scales, data & tools"

Date: Tuesday the 12th of February
Time: 12.30
Location: Room 02.110 (Colloquim room)

Lunch will be provided for, and is completely free (as usual)! So please mark the date in your agenda, and we hope to see you all there. 

Lunch lecture Marc Holland (Baker Hughes)

The AAPG Student Chapter Delft is proud to announce the next lunch-lecture in a series of lectures we plan to have this new year! This time our guest will be MSc. Marc Holland, who is a geologist working for Baker Hughes in Holland. His specialization is in fracture modelling, which is of course interesting for geologists and engineers alike!

Date: Wednesday 9th of January
Time: 12.30 – 13.30

Place: Room 02.110 (Colloquium room)

The title of mr. Holland's presentation is:
'Fractures and their integration into geological models'
Transcript: In geological systems one always finds fractures. Although it is certain to encounter them, their properties may differ on a wide scale with respect to geometry, density and transport properties. This makes an assessment challenging. Based on examples from the field and the industry the presentation attempts to highlight the difficulties and working steps integrating fractures into subsurface models.  

Lunch will be provided for, and is completely free! 

Lunch lecture Olivier Dubrule (Total)

After the success of the guest-lecture of last month, the AAPG Student Chapter Delft is proud to announce a new lecture! This time our guest will be Ir. Olivier Dubrule, who is a geo-statistician working for Total. Afterwards, individual interviews are organized about a potential future career in Total with mr. Dubrule. Unfortunately, all the possible time-slots for this opportunity are already taken so it is no longer possible to subscribe for this. 

Date: Tuesday 11th of December
Time: 12.30 – 13.30
Place: Room 02.110 (Colloquium room)

The title of mr. Dubrule's talk will be:
'Some Achievements and Challenges in Integrated Reservoir Modeling'

Lunch will be provided for and is completely free!

Lunch Lecture Cor van Kruijsdijk (Shell)

The AAPG Student Chapter Delft is proud to announce its first guest-lecture of the year! Our speaker will be Prof. Ir. Cor van Kruijsdijk, who is a professor in reservoir engineering and also an advisor in the same field for Royal Dutch Shell. The topic of his presentation will be ‘The Physics of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)’, so this should interest both geologists and engineers. Further information is given below:

Date: Thursday 15th of November
Time: 12.30 – 13.30
Place: Room 02.110 (Colloquium room)

Lunch will be provided for, and is completely free! So please not this data in your agenda, and we hope to see you all there. 

Ice Skating

12 November 2012 

As the temperature keeps dropping, the national winter-time sport of the Netherlands starts taking over the country. In order to introduce international students (as well as regular Dutch students) to this phenomena, the AAPG organized an ice-skating event in collaboration with the SPE Student Chapter Delft, and the MV (the Student Association). If you have questions about this (maybe concerning safety), or if you want to enroll yourselve, please feel free to send us an email.