TTS Lab Seminar | June 22, 2020

Traffic and Transportation Safety Lab Seminar: "Crash risk of e-bike riders and riders of conventional bikes in Denmark" | June 22, 2020


Crash risk of e-bike riders and riders of conventional bikes in Denmark:In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of e-bikes in a number of countries. However, knowledge about the crash risk associated with riding an e-bike remains sparse and contradictory. The presentation includes a comparison of crash involvement of conventional bikes and e-bikes in Denmark, estimation of the overall risk of crash involvement of e-bike riders and conventional bike riders, as well as the risk of involvement in a fatal or serious injury crash for e-bike riders and conventional bike riders. The presentation regards the years 2015-2018 and is based on police registered crash data and exposure data from the Danish National Travel Survey.


Speaker Biography:

Mette Møller

Senior Researcher, head of Transport Psychology group at Technical University of Denmark (DTU).Main research area is human behaviour in traffic with a particular focus on safety related behaviour and attitudes, crash analysis and crash prevention.Examples of recent research projects include: Road anger prevalence and prevention, safety and mobility among young moped riders, ghost riding, and safety effect of accompanied driving.

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