TTS Lab Seminar | Nov 18, 2020

Traffic and Transportation Safety Lab Seminar: "Over the horizon: What is the future of transportation?" | 09.00 to 10.00 (CET) Nov 18, 2020

Abstract: From our earliest years, we all want to know what will happen next, what the future will hold. Often, in order to know what is likely to happen, we need to look at the past. This presentation considers some possible futures for transport, from driverless cars to, hyperloops, to micromobility. To separate what is likely from what is possible I will cover some what we already know about driving and drivers, and then consider what lies ahead. 

Speaker bio: 

Professor Samuel Charlton has over 30 years’ experience of research work in applied cognitive psychology. Among other things, Samuel is interested in driving as skilled behaviour, and how it can inform theory development in attention, decision-making, and automaticity of performance. Samuel is internationally recognised as a leader in the areas of driving simulation and driver behaviour research and is Editor in Chief of the Elsevier journal Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. 

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