TTS Lab Seminar | Sep 29, 2021

Traffic and Transportation Safety Lab Seminar: Modelling human interaction to improve traffic safety and vehicle automation | Sep 29, 2021

Failures in interaction between road users is an important causal factor in crashes, and the currently limited capabilities of automated vehicles to interact with humans on the road is considered a major hurdle to widespread automation deployment. In this talk I will cover some recent and ongoing work in our research group addressing these applied challenges, attempting to better understand and model how humans interact and communicate on the road. I will discuss conceptual modelling, quantitative modelling based on ideas and components from cognitive neuroscience, as well as data-driven, machine-learned modelling.

Speaker bio

Gustav Markkula is a Professor and Chair in Applied Behaviour Modelling at the University of Leeds. He is an engineer by training, and applies quantitative methods and models to the study of human behaviour and cognition in road traffic. He has spent more than a decade in the automotive industry (Volvo), working on various research & development projects relating to driving safety, driver distraction, human-machine interfaces, and driver behaviour in general, including his PhD project on mathematical modelling of driver behaviour to support virtual testing of vehicle safety systems. In 2015 he joined the University of Leeds to further expand this research, with a current emphasis on modelling of road user interactions, including methods such as cognitive modelling, machine learning, and neuroimaging.

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