Vehicle automation and safety

In this research theme we focus on the interaction of different road users with automation. We are investigating for example, how pedestrians and cyclists adapt their behaviour when interacting with automated vehicles and automated shuttles? Similarly, how would human drivers change and adapt their driving behaviour when interacting with connected and automated vehicles in mixed traffic? and What are the impacts of authority transitions on traffic safety? 

Relevant research:

Solmaz Razmi Rad: Performance and safety evaluation of dedicated lanes for connected and automated vehicles

Considering the transition period when both Connected and/or Automated Vehicles (C/AVs) and Manual Vehicles (MVs) will be present on our road network, it is crucial to understand how they interact in a mixed environment when CAVs are clustered in platoons, and whether the behaviour of human drivers is influenced by CAV system or platoons.

Siri Hegna Berge: Human-machine interface (HMI) on bicycles promoting transparent AV interactions

Cyclists are expected to interact with AVs in future traffic, yet we know little about the nature of this interaction and the safety implications of AVs on cyclists. On-bike HMIs and connecting cyclists to AVs and the road infrastructure may have the potential to enhance the safety of cyclists. In this project, we will focus on understanding the factors that constitute cyclist-AV interaction and investigate the efficiency and acceptance of on-bike HMIs and connected bicycles among cyclists.

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