Explore, learn and get inspired! This website organises information about capacity building, education and research projects in Vietnam.

Since 1998 Delft University of Technology started a collaboration with universities, researchers and students in Vietnam. Being well known for its beautiful delta areas (the Red River delta and the Mekong delta), research has focussed mainly on the fields of hydraulic engineering, coastal systems and water management. Delft University of Technology, also located in a delta region, has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field of water, that they are happy to share. The long-standing relationship between the Dutch and Vietnamese universities has resulted in exchange of knowledge and many inspiring developments and projects so far. 

Sharing knowledge starts with increasing the accessibility of existing information.  To make it easier to find relevant reports and documents about previous and ongoing research projects in Vietnam, this website gives access to several links and different platforms. Discover more about the ongoing capacity building and the participating universities. In this way we hope to create a place where you are able to read and learn more about water related topics in Vietnam, and  where you get inspired to start your own projects!