Climate Proof Vietnam

In Vietnam, where the effects of climate change are clearly present, not only the number of students choosing to study in the field of water is falling, but also their level of expertise. That is why the project 'Climate Proof Vietnam has started. 'Climate Proof Vietnam' aims to set up an attractive curriculum and provide strategic support to the universities Thuyloi and HUNRE so that they will attract more enthusiastic. The aim is to train a new generation of engineers who are well equipped to enter the labour market and protect their land against water.

The project consists of the following topics:

  • Educational capacity
  • Research activities
  • Organisational development and promotional activities
  • Community of practice (involving relevant public and parties)

The program 'Climate Proof Vietnam' is a collaboration between Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Thuyloi University (TLU), Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE) and the faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente.

Juliette Eulderink (Vietnam)

Lindsey Schwidder (Netherlands)

Challenges Vietnam

The challenges that Vietnam faces are comparable to those of the Netherlands. The country has thousands of kilometres of coastline and a large part of the population, agriculture and industry is concentrated in the complex deltas of the Mekong and the Red River. That makes for ample mutual learning opportunities. Vietnam is facing salinization of farmland, drought, insufficient irrigation capacity and threats to valuable ecosystems, as a result of sea-level rise, longer rainy seasons and frequent tropical storms. An integrated approach will be needed to solve these challenges.