MSc/BSc student projects

Starting in 2000, bachelor students and master students from TU Delft have been working on several research projects in collaboration with the universities of Vietnam. Starting in 2020, Vietnamese students have carried out research projects that were co-supervised by project partners from TU Delft. This page gives an overview of the most recent student research projects (dating back to 2015). If you are interested in projects from before 2015, take a look at the repository of TU Delft.

You can find more information on PhD projects here.

Interested in carrying out student research in Vietnam? Contact:

Juliette Eulderink


Assessment of the current and future saltwater intrusion into the Cai River in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Synergy through water, land and forestry systems: towards evolutionary socio-ecological resilience in Red River Delta, Vietnam


Assessment of groundwater reserves - a case study in the coastal plain of Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Research to propose solutions for urban flooding in the My Dinh area of Hanoi, Vietnam

The seasonal and spatial distribution of the soil moisture in Hanoi, Vietnam

Influence of meteorological variables and varying surfaces on pan evaporation - a case study in Hanoi, Vietnam

The water quality of the West Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam


Estimation of River Width with Fully-Focused SAR Altimetry Data

Feasibility study of flushing To Lich River with Red River water through West Lake

Polder system Can Tho City: Impact of the urban polder on Can Tho City


The impact of salinity intrusion on rice productivity: Soc Trang, Mekong Delta


Classifying Mangroves in Vietnam using Radar and Optical Satellite Remote Sensing: Processing Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery in Google Earth Engine


Finding the Optimum Unsaturated Zone Storage Change Estimation Method to Improve Water Accounting in Vietnam

Will the winner learn it all?: A study on the effectiveness of a serious game about water related issues in Vietnam


Effect of changes in outer-delta bottom topographies on salt water intrusion

Socialising the pixel: The use of citizen science in land use classification and its potential uncertainties

Ecological engineering solutions for the Day River

Project Hue: Report and field study on the water related problems and solutions in and around the Cau Hai lagoon and the Tu Hien inlet, Vietnam