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Ten questions for Ass. Prof. Dr. Pham Quy Nhan of HUNRE

November 2020 - Associate Professor Dr. Pham Quy Nhan is the Vice Rector of Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE). He has been involved in our capacity building programs as Project Director since the start of the collaboration at HUNRE. As his retirement is approaching, we interviewed him about his inspiring career, his previous and current research projects, the importance of Integrated Water Resource Management in Vietnam, and his advice to future IWRM researchers. You can find the full interview here.

Always keep your passion and dedication; the results will come to you.

― Ass. Prof. Dr. Pham Quy Nhan

Presentation TU Delft and HUNRE at Nuffic OKP Partner Days

November 2020 - Our project partners Juliette Eulderink (TU Delft) and Thi Van Le Khoa (HUNRE) contributed to the thematic OKP Partner Day session on ‘COVID-19: A Force for Change’. This session, organized by Nuffic, explored the shared challenges and opportunities the current COVID-19 situation has brought forth for those involved in Nuffic-funded projects.

Juliette and Khoa gave a presentation on managing Institutional Collaboration Projects in times of COVID-19, drawing examples from OKP ‘Climate Proof Vietnam’ and OKP ‘Higher Education in Full Flow Myanmar’. They talked about how activities have shifted to online or hybrid due to the pandemic, such as online workshops and webinars and distance research support. They also presented the many valuable lessons learned in the past months, for example that the creation of good digital (educational) products allows for long-term and widespread re-use. They concluded their presentation with their future vision for institutional collaboration, in which they hope there will be a lower threshold to quick communication with partners abroad, as well as an easier exchange between all institutions within and outside of the Netherlands.

You can watch the recording here and download their presentation here

Institutional Collaboration in Vietnam during COVID-19

July 2020 - Partnerships with international research institutes and universities have always been important for Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), allowing for new insights and advancing international scientific knowledge. However, in the midst of a global pandemic, how can intercountry collaboration continue, where borders are closed and everyone is working from home?

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be an unexpected source for creativity, resilience, and re-prioritising goals when it comes to the capacity building project in Vietnam. The global pandemic unexpectedly created opportunities for online education tools, but it also forced an adjustment in the normal ways the partnership usually operates. Now more than ever, co-creation and open dialogue are key in promoting excellent research. 

Juliette Eulderink, a Young Expert (YEP Water) working on capacity building in South East Asia, based in Vietnam, reflects on this new form of partnership. Read more here

IWRM students first to complete their thesis in English at HUNRE

June 2020 - At the end of June, students Ninh Thị Kiều Anh and Đỗ Thị Thùy Dung from Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE) defended their theses. These IWRM students were the first ever to complete their thesis in English at HUNRE, as part of the Nuffic Global Development OKP 'Climate Proof Vietnam' project. Dung researched urban flooding in the My Dinh area of Hanoi, Vietnam, for which she received a 9.3/10. Kiều Anh carried out an assessment of groundwater reserves in the coastal plain of Ninh Thuan Province of Vietnam, for which she was awarded with a 10/10. These students were co-supervised by the resident project manager of the OKP project. Online meetings as well as exchanging both Vietnamese and international documents and data allowed for effective supervision and an excellent research result, despite the impact of Covid-19. You can download their theses here

Climate Proof Vietnam: Feasibility study of flushing To Lich River with Red River water through West Lake

2019 - A group of five dutch students from the TU Delft visited Hanoi to work  on an interesting topic. Is it feasible to flush the polluted To Lich River with water from the Red River? Besides focusing on the water quality and hydraulic impact of the project proposal, they also added an educational touch to it. Together with students from HUNRE they developed some educational tools that can be used within the HUNRE curriculum and as awareness raising activities in Hanoi with citizens and schools. In the video below, they will explain all about it!

Climate Proof Vietnam - water quality study of To Lich River by TU Delft and HUNRE

Soda bottle science

2019 - Is it possible to build a living lab at HUNRE? Two dutch students thought of a way to realize this. By using soda bottles it is relatively easy and cheep to build rain gauges that can be placed all over the campus. In that way it becomes possible to measure the spatial distribution of rainfall. Check the video the see how that works!

Soda bottle science - building a living lab at HUNRE

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