Developing a Science of Cybersecurity

It took scientists millennia to develop an official system of measurement (i.e. the metric system) for the physical world. We are still at the very beginning of developing a “metric system” for cyber space. We develop methods and tools and analyse data to help stakeholders answer the question how secure is secure enough.


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Scientific Staff Jan van den Berg

Risk management, Cyber data analytics

Prof.dr. Michel van Eeten

Empirical studies of security in online markets, Security metrics, Security incentives, Economic impact of cyber crime Carlos H. Gañán

Cybersecurity governance, Economic models of user incentives in the presence of threats, Information security, Security market failures Pieter van Gelder

Risk management, Data analytics, System of systems, Multicriteria decision-making under conflicting objectives

Prof.dr. Pieter Hartel

Cyber crime science

Dr. Bram Klievink

cybersecurity governance, incentives, collaborative governance. Wolter Pieters

Security Risk Management, Security Metrics, Security Testing, Human Factors in Security, Integration of Security and Safety, Philosophy and Ethics of Security

Postdocs Ugur Akyazi

expertise: Cyber data analytics, Network security, Evolutionary computation and Machine learning, Cyber security governance, Cyber warfare, Systems engineering

Dr. Kate Labunets

security risk assessment, cyber insurance, empirical methods

Dr. Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob

Hosting provider's security performance, Causal factors of abuse incidence, Attacker target selection


MSc Michelle Cayford

Effectiveness of surveillance technology

MSc Orcun Cetin

Effectiveness of security notifications, Strengthening incentives of intermediaries for abuse mitigation and vulnerability patching

MSc Saba Chockalingam

Integration of Safety and Security, Risk Management

MSc Michael Ciere

Cybersecurity econometrics, Device fingerprinting

MSc Qasim Lone

Security metrics for intermediaries, Security compliance

MSc Clara Maathuis

Assessing the Effects of Cyber Warfare: a technical - military approach

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MSc Arman Noroozian

Security reputation metrics Empirical studies of security performance Modelling attacker / defender characteristics

MSc Rolf van Wegberg

Cybercrime targeting financial service providers

MSc Johan de Wit

Effectiveness of security measures