Network Security

Networks connect almost all 6 billion inhabitants of planet earth. You can phone, chat or mail friends and family wherever they are, at almost no cost. But an attacker can reach you too with the same ease. We are tracking down attackers by collecting and sifting through massive amounts of data, without jeopardising the privacy of law-abiding citizens.


Scientific Staff George Smaragdakis

Internet Security, Internet Measurement, Web Privacy, Detection and Mitigation of Cyberattacks Rob Kooij

Network modelling

Emeritus Jan van den Berg

Development of Intelligent Data Analysis methods for Improved Decision Making, Theory and Applications of Complex Systems, Safety, Security, Risk and Related Topics.

Dr. Aaron Ding

Edge and IoT Networking, Resilience Engineering


MSc Vincent Ghiette

Network scanner analysis

MSc Kris Oosthoek

Threat Intelligence, Security Operations, Network Security

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MSc Harm Griffioen

Threat Intelligence

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