14 February 2018

Mobiel bankieren bij ING kwetsbaar voor fraude

Mobiel bankieren bij de ING bank is kwetsbaar voor fraude. Een extra optie met een bevestigingscode maakt dat ING-klanten makkelijker kunnen worden misleid door oplichters. Dat constateert Michel van Eeten, hoogleraar Internetveiligheid aan de TU Delft in de uitzending van Kassa van 10 februari.

08 February 2018

How internet providers can reduce cyber crime

Internet providers can function as control points for cyber security, says Dr Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob. She discovered that most of the cyber crime originates from large and cheap providers offering shared hosting.

11 January 2018

Research Paper Tobias Fiebig about security risks of Domain-Validated Certificates

Assistant professor Tobias Fiebig from the ESS department recently published a research paper in which a new procedural way to reduce the risks of Domain-Validated Certificates is presented. The paper called ‘Cloud Strife: Mitigating the Security Risks of Domain-Validated Certificates’ was co-written with scientists from amongst others University of California.

15 December 2017

Lustrum Lecture: Cyber War

20 November 2017

DSyS open call for joint research proposals on cyber security won by the 3ME/EWI team

The DSyS open call for joint research proposals on cyber security has been won by the 3ME/EWI team members Dr. Tamas Keviczky, Dr. Zekeriya Erkin and Mr. Lakshminarayanan Nandakumar.

30 October 2017

Keynote "Blockchain: A Disruptive Technology with its Limitations”

Dr. Zeki Erkin was invited to give a keynote in the 51st International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology in Madrid Spain on “Blockchain: A Disruptive Technology with its Limitations.”

27 October 2017

Leon Helsloot is selected and has the best master thesis of EEMCS

We are very happy to inform you that the MSc thesis of Leon Helsloot, who received his MSc degree in August 2017 with a final grade of 9.5

26 October 2017

Sjors Hijgenaar receives a 9.5 for his thesis: "A Decentralised Energy Trading Architecture for Future Smart Grid Load Balancing"

Former master student Sjors Hijgenaar, supervised by Z. Erkin and received 9.5 for his thesis, presented his work “A Decentralised Energy Trading Architecture for Future Smart Grid Load Balancing”

25 October 2017

It is also open access week at TU Delft

TU Delft Prof Pieter Hartel, associate editor of the Springer Open Access journal Crime Science reports that: * Crime Science is amongst the most read journals of the entire Springer journal collection in Criminology. * Open access papers have more impact. For Crime Science 30% of the papers have been read at least 4,000 times and 10% of the papers have been read at least 10,000 times. * More and more funding agencies require open access publication.

20 October 2017

DSys - Cybersecurity @ TU Delft festive meetup

About 35 researchers from different disciplines within Cyber Security @ TU Delft came together to discuss future collaboration and learn about the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship in the field.