The TU Delft Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (DCSE) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are jointly working on the development of DHPC. The DCSE institute connects all researchers within TU Delft who are actively using and developing computational methods for use in Science and Engineering applications. Seven faculties (AE, AS, CEG, EEMCS, 3ME, TPM and BK), more than 45 research groups and three hundred faculty members are part of DCSE. Over 250 PhD students perform research in the field of computational science and engineering. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is a multidisciplinary application-oriented field that brings together applied mathematics, engineering and (social) science. 
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Support from ICT Shared Service Centre
The Shared Service Center ICT (SSC-ICT), part of TU Delft's ICT & FM directorate, facilitates the infrastructure for the new high performance computer (DHPC). The DHPC will be located in one of the data centres on campus. The data centres have been prepared and space has been made available so that all roads are free for construction.

All this will be carried out and supported by the internal specialists SSC-ICT. The SSC-ICT will also carry out the operational and technical management. They have been doing this for many years for all existing HPC's and with this experience and expertise; they can optimally manage the new DHPC. A team of specialists will be created especially for the DHPC to provide the management support. 
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The DHPC Advisory board consists of scientific director DHPC Kees Vuik and scientists: Bert Sluijs (CEG), Bendiks Jan Boersma (3ME), Bernd Rieger (AS), Martin van Gijzen (EEMCS), Alexander van Zuijlen (AE), Jan Kwakkel (TPM) and Jantien Stoter (BK). Their main task is the coordination and integration of service supply and demand between the scientific community and DHPC.

The DHPC Supervisory board consists of the dean of EEMCS Lucas van Vliet, dean of 3mE Theun Baller, scientific director DHPC Kees Vuik and the ICT director. The board approves the Centre's long-term strategy and updates and periodically evaluates the performance and impact.

The DHPC User group will be the day to day user body. The group will consist of two or three users per faculty.

The expert pool will consist of 7 experts from AE, AS, CEG, EEMCS, 3mE, TPM and BK. Together they will take care of user support, instructions and training. 
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