11 November 2019

Presentation at the CEL Innovation Room 14 “Digital Skills & Computational Thinking” at Leiden University. https://www.educationandlearning.nl/news/innovation-room-14-digital-skills-computational-thinking

6 November 2019

Workshop for the Delft University of Technology Education Day: “Digital Skills: a dynamic approach to basic Python programming for the whole campus”. https://www.tudelft.nl/teachingacademy

9 October 2019

Presentation at the CEL Annual Meeting 2019 at Erasmus University Rotterdam. https://www.educationandlearning.nl/news/annual-meeting-2019-cel-is-growing

26 August 2019

Workshop “Teach the Teacher” at the Teaching Lab of TU Delft. Aim of the workshop was to show the online cloud platform Vocareum and the content of Basic Python Programming to teachers interested to adopt our material.

8 July 2019

Workshop “Digital Skills” at the Teaching Lab of TU Delft. Purpose was to introduce the new version of the Basic Python Programming module.