Together more sustainable

Time for a live event? An event for the process engineering community in the Netherlands? Yes, we are proud to announce to you the next Netherlands Process Technology Symposium NPS17, where the needs, challenges, and solutions for a sustainable world and the role of process engineering will be conferred.

NPS17 was postponed last year due to COVID-19. But we were glad to provide a series of webinars on the theme 'sustaining the future’ which created a platform to connect and exchange ideas. In line with this, the theme of NPS17 is ‘Together more sustainable’. The goal of the conference is to highlight academic research in sustainable process technology and connect it with needs from society, SMEs, and industry. Therefore, this will be a great opportunity to share and absorb sustainable ideas by meeting process engineering enthusiasts from these sectors in the Netherlands and beyond.

Keynote Speakers

What to expect

April 4, 2022


Keynote speeches
Two times 12 parallelsessions
Tech Comedy
Social Event

April 5, 2022


Keynote speeches
12 parallelsessions
Science Communication
Panel discussion



Electrifying the process industry
Water processing
Processing food/pharma
Materials processing & 3D printing
Transport phenomena and reactor engineering
Process control
Artificial intelligence
Process System Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering

Organizing Committee

Johan Padding, Alina Rwei, Valeria Garbin, Haneef Shijaz, Asif Jan, Isabell Bagemihl, Paola Ibarra Gonzalez, Cees Haringa, Leonie de Kluijs, Leslie van Leeuwen and Marinka Eekman