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1st Dutch replication meeting, Delft
10 April 2018

The 1st Dutch replication meeting will be held from 9:00-18:00 on 10 April 2018 in Delft, in rooms 'Korvezee' and 'Beijerink' in the Applied Sciences South building at the TU Delft.

Scientists interested in DNA or RNA replication, working at Dutch universities and research institutes are all invited to participate and discuss their latest research. In addition to three keynote lectures by invited speakers (listed below), there will be selected short talks by young researchers based on submitted abstracts, as well as a poster session.

Organiser: Nynke Dekker (
Program Committee: Mathilde Richard, Nitika Taneja, Marcel van Vugt, Jacqueline Jacobs, Eric Snijder

We are pleased to announce the meeting’s three keynote speakers: Alessandro Costa (Francis Crick Institute, United Kingdom); Ervin Fodor (University of Oxford, United Kingdom); Niels de Wind (LUMC, The Netherlands)

Alessandro Costa

Ervin Fodor

Niels de Wind

Registration for this meeting is closed.
For questions and cancellations please contact the secretariat at

Registration for this meeting is required for attendance.

The deadline for abstract submission to be considered for short talks was 19 March 2018 (noon). The deadline for abstract submission for posters only was 3 April 2018. The deadline for registration was also 3 April 2018.


09:00 Registration, coffee & tea
09:35Keynote: Alessandro Costa (Francis Crick Institute, UK) ‘Eukaryotic DNA replication studied by cryo-electron microscopy’electron microscopy’
10:20Keynote: Ervin Fodor (University of Oxford, UK) ‘The RNA synthesis machine of influenza viruses’
11:05Coffee & tea
11:35Short talk: Julia Bakx (VU) ‘The interaction between bacteriophage T7 DNA polymerase and Gene 2.5 protein at the single-molecule level’
11:55Short talk: Jeroen Strating (UU) ‘Antiviral strategies targeting various stages in picornavirus replication'
12:15Lunch & poster session
14:00Short talk: Amandine BattĂ© (LUMC) ‘Epistatic Mini-Array Profiling (E-MAP) identifies new cohesin and replication stress response factors’
14:20Short talk: Wouter Hoogenboom (Hubrecht) ‘Revealing the SLX4-toolkit for DNA interstrand crosslink repair’
14:40Short talk: Chirantani Mukherjee (EMC) ‘RIF1 promotes replication fork protection and prevents genome instability’
15:00Short talk: Pepijn Schoonen (RUG) ‘Progression through mitosis promotes PARP inhibitor-induced cytotoxicity in homologous recombination-deficient cancer cells’
15:20Coffee & tea
15:50Short talk: Robin van Schendel (LUMC) ‘Dealing with G-quadruplexes that hamper ongoing DNA replication’
16:10Short talk: Mark Drost (LUMC) ‘Adjuvant treatment strategies in POLE exonuclease domain mutant endometrial cancer’
16:30Keynote: Niels de Wind (LUMC) ‘Replication of damaged DNA, fitness and disease’
17:15Closing remarks and poster prizes