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31 juli 2020

TU Delft onderzoekspartner in innovatief windmolenpark Hollandse Kust Noord

De TU Delft speelt als onderzoekspartner bij het zogeheten Hollandse Kust Noord (HKN)-project een belangrijke rol. Met de komst van het windmolenpark testen onderzoekers, onder leiding van hoogleraar Jan-Willem van Wingerden, hun bevindingen op het gebied van windenergie in de praktijk en kan de energieopbrengst van het windpark worden gemaximaliseerd.

18 februari 2020

2.75M EU grant voor STEP4WIND

Het project STEP4WIND heeft als doel het niveau van commerciƫle readiness van drijvende offshore-windenergie te verhogen.

03 februari 2020

Kick-Off DEI 2.0

On 29 January Kornelis Blok took over the role as Chair for the Delft Energy Initiative (DEI). Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen applauded Paulien Herder for her achievements as Chair for the last 6.5 years. DEI will forward here work with 4 main energy pillars and has chosen 4 new themes to help them grow.

24 mei 2019

Jan-Willem van Wingerden ontvangt Vidi

De Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO) heeft aan zeven Delftse wetenschappers een Vidi-financiering toegekend. Binnen faculteit 3mE ontving Jan-Willem van Wingerden, professor Data Driven Control bij Delft Center for Systems and Control, de honorering.

30 april 2019


On Thursday 11th of April the TU Delft Wind Energy Institute, led by AE Prof. Simon Watson, successfully organised the very first S-meeting. Over sixty scientists, students and people from industrial R&D gathered to listen to highlights in Future Wind Energy Concepts and share dinner together. Speakers came from TU Delft Aerospace Engineering and the University of Strathclyde. Andrew Garrad, co-founder of Garrad Hassan (now DNVGL) closed the series with his perception on the past , present and future of wind energy.

GROW consortium aims for 7 eurocent/kWh by 2030

During the Winddagen conference in Rotterdam, a consortium of leading Dutch companies and research institutes will present a joint plan for research, development and demonstration in offshore wind to the Minister of Economic Affairs. The mission of the GROW consortium is to bring the cost of offshore wind further down to seven eurocents per kWh by 2030. 

GROW, or "Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind", will contribute to the Netherlands' goals for a renewable and independent energy supply. Over the next five years, GROW will introduce new innovations to the market. GROW will thus further strengthen the Dutch offshore wind sector, leading to significant growth in knowledge-intensive employment. The consortium will spend at least EUR 100 m on research, development and demonstration projects in the next 5 years.

Professor of Wind Energy Systems and Director of DUWIND at TU Delft

As of June 2017 Simon Watson starts as Scientific Director of DUWIN as successor of Gijs van Kuik.
Read more about Simon Watson in this article

FLOW Far and Large Offshore Wind energy

Dutch ambitions for offshore wind energy

By the year 2020, the Dutch government aims to have installed 6,000 MW of offshore wind energy capacity in the Netherlands to reach its renewable energy goals. Due to limitations such as shipping routes, oil and gas platforms, visual impact and ecology, only approximately 2,000-3,000 MW of the total of 6,000 MW can be installed within a 50-60 km distance from the shore. The remaining capacity will have to be installed


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