Director: Prof. S.J. (Simon) Watson

Prof. H.G.C. (Henri) Werij  – Dean Aerospace Engineering (chairman)
Prof.dr. Theun Baller – Dean Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering J.D. (Jan Dirk) Jansen – Dean Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof.dr. J.E.J. (John) Schmitz – Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences J.W.F. (Hans) Wamelink – Dean Technology, Policy and Management

Steering Committee: 
Dr. ir. C.J. (Carlos) Simao Ferreira - AE
Dr. D. (Dimitrios) Zarouchas – AE
Prof. dr. ir. J.W. (Jan-Willem) van Wingerden – 3ME
Prof. dr. A. (Andrei) Metrikine (supported by Pim van der Male) – CE&G
Dr. ir. José Rueda – EEMCS L.J. (Laurens) de Vries – TPM

Institute Secretary: Sarah Nietiedt

Researchers: (to be completed)

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Wind Energy
Aerofoil design, rotor aerodynamics, turbine design, offshore design, design tools, wind field description
Contact: S.J. Watson or C.J.Simao Ferreira, Tel: +31 (15) 27 85170,
E-mail: or

Structural Integrity and Composites
Contact: R. Benedictus, Tel: +31 (15) 27 85601,

Contact: A.H. van Zuijlen, Tel. +31 (15) 27 85373

Aerospace Structures
Contact: J.M.A.M.Hol, Tel. +31 (15) 27 85379

Faculty of CiVil Engineering and Geosciences

Offshore Wind 
Offshore design tools, support structure
Contact: E. Lourens, Tel: +31 (15) 27 87568

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Electrical Power Conversion
Electrical machines and Drives, Electromagnetics
Contact: Dr. Jianning Dong, Tel: +31 15 27 88115

Sustainable Electrical Power Systems 
Bulk and distributed wind power plants, integration of renewable energy in electrical power systems, stand-alone systems, multi-energy hubs, power system stability, reliability, and ancillary services
Contact: José Rueda, Tel: +31 15 27 86239

Faculty of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC)
Development of methods and tools to control complex nonlinear dynamic systems
Contact: J.W. van Wingerden, Tel: +31 (15) 27 85119,

Engineering Dynamics

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

Economic of Infrastructures
Contact: L.J. (Laurens) de Vries, Tel. +31 15 27 81137
E-mail: L.J.deVries

Technology Dynamics & Sustainable Development
Contact: K.F. Mulder, Tel. +3115 27 81043