Research Goals

Together with the scientists and engineers of e-Refinery we have set ourselves some ambitious goals to work towards. These routes represent technologies on different levels of maturity, where we work on the basic research questions for optimization, upscaling and implementation. The products that we have chosen do not limit us to these, but we belief these routes towards these specific products will deliver us answers to our main research questions. 

Indirect route

Electro/ Thermochemical
Develop a 100 kW thermal bench scale set-up of a Sabatier reactor integrated with a Circulating Fluidized Bed for continuous methane production from CO2 and H2

Direct route

Design and construction of a 100 kW electro-chemical testing device for the selective conversion of CO2 into ethylene, including upstream and down-stream processing of the reagents and products

To develop a full operational 100 kW hexanoic acid production system with all input and units simulated at TRL5 corresponding to ca. 100 kg day-1