Scalable production of large-area materials with nano-precision for the energy transition

Post-doc position in the group of J.R. van Ommen (TU Delft)

In collaboration with prof.dr. D. Segets (UniversitƤt Duisburg-Essen, DE), Coatema Machinery (DE) & Johnson Matthey (UK)

The energy transition will require novel large-scale equipment for energy conversion, e.g. for the production of hydrogen. The components of such equipment (electrodes, membranes) will also need to be manufactured at large scale, while working economically with the required scarce metals. Our research aims at developing production methodologies to achieve this.

  • Do you (soon) have a PhD related to chemical engineering or materials engineering?
  • Do you have affinity with energy applications / atomic layer deposition / scale-up?
  • Are you interested in a post-doc position at Delft University of Technology?

The official vacancy will open soon, but you can already express your interest to: