One of the key challenges in the energy transition is having efficient means for storage. Batteries play a central role as smart, flexible ways to store and transport renewable energy. With increased European demand to become more sustainable, to enable global energy independence and electrification of our energy system, ambitions are high and time is of the essence. 

Value chain
The vision of e4Battery Delft is that with our research we can develop a future proof and sustainable battery value chain. We do this by focusing our efforts for novel Electro chemistries, that are Ecologically and Economically viable and can be produced in Europe, hence e4Battery.

Our mission is to enhance battery performance, reduce dependence of critical raw materials and use a circular design and engineering approach so that we can fully use, reuse and recycle our batteries. We aim to research and develop battery systems that are smart, can be completely integrated, are resilient, safe and economically viable.

Open research network
e4Battery Delft aims to bring together researchers, research infrastructure, public and private partners to further our battery technologies and hence contributing to developing green battery systems for the future. e4Battery Delft facilitates researchers by creating an open network for sharing knowledge and providing funding support for their research. With over 100 researcher across all eight faculties we have the expertise to cover the entire battery chain. 

Testing and validation
Situated in the heart of TU Delfts innovation ecosystem we have many facilities available where all sorts of battery technologies can be tested or validated. For instance Battery Lab for material development, processing, assembly and testing, the Electrical Sustainable Power lab including digital twin and various environmental control chambers for battery testing or the 24/7 autonomous living lab at The Green Village where novel battery systems can be implemented and tested. 

Questions? Contact us!
e4Battery Delft encourages public and private partners to get in touch for all battery related research, development or investment related questions:  e4battery@tudelft.nl


Our Technological focus points

Main challenges

Recycling batteries

Critical raw materials in batteries

New electro chemistries

System integration and managing batteries