Harald Homulle


PhD student at the Applied Quantum Architectures Group of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), Delft University of Technology.


The main project I am currently working on is designing and testing of electronics working at cryogenic temperatures. The main focus is to have electronics working at 4K (-269°C) as the main control interface for quantum computers. Partly, the electronics needs to go together with the qubits in mK temperatures.

My main focus is cryogenic FPGAs and other commercial electronics at cryogenic temperatures. Besides that there is a lot of involvement in transistor testing and designing of integrated circuits optimized for low temperatures.


Commercial FPGAs are working at temperatures as low as 4K. This piece of hardware is very useful in any quantum control loop, but potentially in many more applications were the use of cold electronics is desired, such as astronomy and space applications.

For the FPGA various firmwares were development, one example is our time-to-digital converter, which basic version is available online here. Even more interesting is the design of a 1 GSa/s ADC, operating completely inside the FPGA while using TDCs for the actual conversion. 

Transistors were tested at various temperatures down to 4K of various process technologies, such as 160 and 40 nm transistors.

Also I designed various dip-sticks to cool our electronics down to 4K, a small movie is available in the movies section below.

Besides cryogenic electronics, I have been working on biomedical imaging; mainly fluorescence lifetime imaging.


Ir. H.A.R. Homulle

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