Interface Electronics for Quantum Computers

Future quantum computer chips will contain many quantum bits operating at cryogenic temperature, that all need to be addressed and sensed individually by electronics under a limited cooling power. For realization of scalable quantum computers, we focus research on (1) ultra-low-power CMOS electronics on the qubit chip to reduce the number of wire connections and (2) dense interconnect between qubit and electronics with advanced packaging technology. 

Printed Silicon Electronics

Printed flexible electronics has attracted a lot of attention for the low-cost fabrication of novel electronic products like flexible displays, RF-ID tag and sensors. However due to the low performance and inferior reliability of the semiconductor material, printed electronics has not been introduced in the markt. The goal of this research is to print high-speed and low-power Si electronics directly on a flexible and stretchable substrate, such as PET and paper. Liquid-Si is the promising candidate as ink for the solution process of silicon devices for applications of low-cost, large-area and biodegradable electronics.