TU Delft gas researcher Weijermars launches journal Energy Strategy Reviews

News - 19 January 2012 - Webredactie Communication

At the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, TU Delft gas researcher and director of the unconventional gas research programme UGRI, Ruud Weijermars, launched a new journal on energy, together with Elsevier senior publisher Henri van Dorssen. The journal Energy Strategy Reviews will publish both peer-reviewed academic publications on energy strategy, planning and implementation and analyses on energy strategies. The journal will also be a forum for organisations, corporations and countries for sharing information on the topic of energy strategy. Weijermars will be the editor-in-chief of the new journal. During the WFES 2012 he presented the maiden issue of the journal. 

In addition, Weijermars chaired a panel discussion on the rol of gas in the future energy mix at the WFES 2012.  



(in the middle: Ruud Weijermars)

More information:

Ruud Weijermars, faculty Civil Engineering and Geosciences, TU Delft. +31 (0)15 278 7801, r.weijermars@tudelft.nl.
Ineke Boneschansker, Science Information Officer TU Delft. +31 (0)15 278 8499, i.boneschansker@tudelft.nl.